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The winning ways for franchisors to beat their business competitors

Written by Dorian Gonsalves on Wednesday, 17 July 2019. Posted in Analysis

Want to outperform the competition? Belvoir CEO Dorian Gonsalves advises how to get the mission accomplished

The winning ways for franchisors to beat their business competitors

Next year will be Belvoir’s 25th anniversary – another landmark for a company that has continued to grow and develop with each passing year. As a franchisor, we’re naturally very proud of everything Belvoir has achieved in terms of its reputation and growth but we also take great pride in everything that our franchisees achieve. 

It’s no coincidence Andy Campbell, who was Belvoir’s very first franchisee, is still running his extremely successful business over in Moray, Scotland, and many other franchisees have remained with us for 20 plus years. Furthermore, these businesses aren’t only thriving, they’re also growing. 

This kind of longevity in business is one of many reasons the public likes dealing with a franchise. It’s also the reason why, as a local, independent trader with the backing of a large, reputable franchise behind you, you’re already equipped with some great advantages that’ll enable you to outperform the competition in your area. Firstly, dealing with a reputable franchise is something that gives the public confidence. 

Unfortunately, in today’s financial and political climate, many new or fledgling independent businesses that appear on the high street tend to close their doors quite quickly afterwards. This is hardly surprising as an independent sole trader can find it very difficult to react quickly enough and implement the necessary initiatives that’ll enable them to successfully adapt to the changing shopping habits of consumers. 

Secondly, being part of a reputable franchise means you’re instantly part of a recognisable brand and can hit the ground running rather than having to take time to establish yourself and persuade consumers of the reliability of your product. You’ll already be adhering to a tried and tested business model and savvy customers will recognise your business is one that can be trusted and is likely to be around for a very long time. 

Of course you cannot simply rely on brand reputation to succeed. You’ll need to build on this trust by focusing your energy into providing outstanding levels of customer service, which means not only meeting the expectations of your clients but also going above and beyond what they might expect. 

Good customer service is what will result in those all-important positive online reviews and personal recommendations, generating new clients and ensuring that they will return to you time and time again. 

About the Author

Dorian Gonsalves

Dorian Gonsalves

Dorian has extensive experience in the property industry having spent seven years with Countrywide before joining Belvoir in 2005, working his way through the ranks to eventually become CEO


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