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Cathryn Hayes, Franchise Director for Revive, spoke about the car repairs industry

Written by Latifa Yedroudj on Wednesday, 03 November 2021. Posted in Interviews

- and how they are meeting the rising demand for services across the UK

Britain’s leading franchisors, coaches and mentors gathered together for The HSBC Elite Franchise Top 10 Virtual Roadshow, giving tips, advice and guidance on what it takes to build a successful franchise.       

Cathryn Hayes, Franchise Director for Revive, spoke about the car repairs industry – and why there will always be a thriving customer base no matter the postcode you are in. “It is a huge marketplace,” Cathryn explained. “About half of the UK’s 32 million cars have the sort of minor damage that we repair. I challenge you to go have a walk around a supermarket carpet to see how many small bumps and scrapes you can spot as you go around...”  

Revive has been franchising for nearly 20 years, with over 55 offices across the UK – and their largest franchisee runs a thriving business, managing a team of 12 technicians with an annual turnover of over £1 million. Revive won the silver award at the bfa Franchisor of the year awards, the 5-star Franchisee Satisfaction award and also earned a spot in the EF Top 100, a comprehensive list of the cream of the crop when it comes to British franchising. 

Revive prides itself in its customer service, providing help and support to franchisees along every step of the way. “We have a fantastic team of staff at our Rugby head office who will support you with bookkeeping, customer service, IT, technical and business training – you're not going to be the technician in the van but you’re going to need to know something about the technical aspects of the work, and we’ll give you full training and support in that,” Cathryn said. “And you’ll also get support from our franchisees who regularly get together, even on Zoom in the last year. And hopefully some face-to-face meetings again soon. And as our franchisees grow their business, they’ll be able to join our accelerated programme which is a year-long course of masterclasses and seminars to help them scale their businesses further. And we run a new programme every year to keep that growth growing.” 

You do not need to have a background in the automotive industry to apply. Revive’s franchisees come from an array of different backgrounds – but all have a shared passion in management, team building and providing outstanding customer service. 

“Your management skills and experience will transfer really well, whatever your background. Our existing franchisees come from a really wide mix,” Cathryn said. “Sectors are as diverse as IT, hospitality, the oil and guess sector, banking, finance... You don’t need an automotive background. Our franchisees do need to be ambitious to grow and passionate at delivering outstanding customer service, it’s one of our values. We’ll also help you to recruit your skilled technicians because they’re going to be key to the growth of your business. So, the real key for us is looking for people with people skills to build relationships with that wide customer base car dealerships and the general public, and to manage your team technicians as you grow.”

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