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Quick off the mark

Written by Andy Swales on Wednesday, 23 December 2020. Posted in Interviews

There’s no holding back Move Vehicle Leasing, which has grown into one of the automotive industry’s great franchise success stories in such a short space of time.

Quick off the mark

There’s no holding back Move Vehicle Leasing, which has grown into one of the automotive industry’s great franchise success stories in such a short space of time.

One company to have expanded swiftly in just four years is Move Vehicle Leasing. Starting out from bases in Sheffield and London, the company has already signed up 20 franchisees around the country, with plenty of territories still available for any new prospective business partners. Move Vehicle Leasing has successfully weathered the on-going storms of Brexit and, more recently, Covid-19, and is forecasting an increase in sales during 2021.

Their clients are both businesses and individuals, and they specialise in the sourcing of top value leasing offers for new cars and vans, from a range of automotive funders and UK dealerships. The company was founded by the Harrison family in 2016 and Elite Franchise recently caught up with general manager Tony Harrison to talk business. This is what he had to say:

EF: What is your background and why did your family decide to start the business?

TH: I have a background in financial services and vehicle leasing, which spans more than 30 years. Move Vehicle Leasing was formed to provide business and personal clients with vehicle leasing consultancy, and all at a competitive price.

EF: What are the main advantages of choosing the leasing option, rather than a more traditional purchasing option – whether purchasing a vehicle outright or agreeing to one of the various repayment deals?

TH:  Leasing or contract hire provides for fixed cost motoring on any make and model of new car or van. All new lease cars and vans come with the usual manufacturers’ warranty. This provides further peace of mind together with the option of adding a full maintenance package, which includes cover for scheduled servicing, and also wear and tear for items such as brakes and tyres. A road fund licence is included on all contract hire agreements for the full term of the lease. Leasing usually means lower monthly rental payments, together with a lower initial rental cost when compared to other methods of vehicle finance. At the end of the lease contract, the vehicle is simply returned to the lease company.

EF: And the disadvantages?

TH: There is no option to own or purchase the vehicle and there may be additional charges if the contract mileage is exceeded or if there is excess damage to the vehicle.

EF: In layman’s terms, what are the main differences between the various types of leasing options available with Move Vehicle Leasing? Whether short term, long term, business or private etc?

TH: ‘Short term leasing’ is when a vehicle is leased for less than 12 months, whereas ‘longer term leasing’ is when a vehicle is leased for greater than 12 months, such as two, three or four years. ‘Business leasing’ is when a company or sole trader (which includes the self-employed), leases the vehicle whereas ‘personal leasing’ is when an individual that is in employment leases one.

EF: Does Move Vehicle Leasing trade in used cars? If so, is there a limit on age or mileage?

TH: Our main focus is the leasing of new cars and vans. However, we are able to provide finance options such as ‘PCP’, ‘Lease purchase’ or ‘HP’, for used cars up to five years old.

EF: Without wanting to know any ‘state secrets,’ where and how are vehicles sourced?

TH: All lease vehicles are new, therefore supplied via UK main dealerships having been sourced by the Move Vehicle Leasing franchisee. We provide a ‘one stop shop’ in that we source the vehicle together with the leasing funder, based on a client’s needs, affordability and financial background. The franchisee has access to our ‘Preferred Dealer Network’ and ‘Lease Quoting Systems.’

EF: You offer three franchising options. Is that correct?

TH: Yes. They are ‘Local’, ‘Regional’ and ‘National’ franchise packages. These vary with regards to size of ‘direct marketing areas’ and associated ‘website branding.’ However, training is identical for all new franchisees.

EF: How many franchises currently exist in the UK and how many territories are still available? And are there any particular regions of the country still untouched by Move Vehicle Leasing?

TH: We currently have 20 franchisees, with around 40 territories still available. The east of England, north-east, Scotland and the south-west are untouched.

EF: Will the company be affected by the arrival of Brexit?

TH: We envisage an increase in demand for vehicle-leasing post-Brexit. If there’s a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, then possible tariffs imposed on vehicle imports may increase monthly rental payments in the short term. On the other side of the coin, demand for UK built vehicles may increase as a result.

EF: Has there been a marked difference in the vehicle-purchasing habits of the general public, including businesses, during the Covid-19 pandemic?

TH: We’ve seen an increase in demand for smaller and lower cost vehicles. Yet business levels have remained stable, with no adverse effects. The outlook for 2021 looks positive and we’re forecasting an increase in sales.

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