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Written by Latifa Yedroudj on Wednesday, 08 September 2021. Posted in Interviews

Rob Wolfe, Head of Franchise Recruitment at énergie Fitness spoke about why the health and fitness industry is skyrocketing post pandemic.

Britain’s leading franchisors, coaches and mentors gathered together for The HSBC Elite Franchise Top 10 Virtual Roadshow, giving tips, advice and guidance on what it takes to build a successful franchise.  

Rob Wolfe, Head of Franchise Recruitment at énergie Fitness led the fifth keynote speech, speaking about how the health and fitness industry and why it is a viable market to invest in. Energie fitness is focused on delivering incredible customer service and brand strategy that attracts a thriving customer base of all ages. And since the pandemic, more people are placing their health and fitness as a priority than ever before – and the industry has experienced incredible growth in recent years.

“It is often said crisis creates opportunity, and that may well be a great example of that for us,” Rob said. “In actual fact énergie Fitness’ ability to adapt to changing market conditions and changing consumer habits is something that’s always going to be at the forefront of our minds. We’ve certainly always been very much at the sharp end of innovation. And in fact, if you take the pandemic completely out of the equation and look to the year leading up to the pandemic, énergie Fitness were the winners of the brand awareness innovation award at the bfa HSCBC franchisor awards... And in actual fact énergie Fitness have been at the forefront of contributing to that change in market trends and consumer desire to development of their brand and carving out a niche for themselves in that market place... We’ve also heavily focused on developing a high customer service level so that puts us in a very unique position in the market place of being low cost but high in service, and that’s certainly one of the pillars in which we place our success.”

Not only will potential business owners be able to own a profitable franchise, franchisees will also leave a positive impact on their customers and help empower people to get fit and active.

“Energie fitness is a people-focused business and in actual fact our mission statement is empowering people and that is a philosophy which runs throughout our whole business,” Rob explained. “Whether it’s a franchisor empowering people to own their own health and fitness clubs, or perhaps become business owners for the first time in some cases, to our franchisees empowering people in their clubs everyday to achieve their fitness goals, develop their self-confidence and improve their overall well-being.

The health and fitness industry is shaping the future, Rob said, with an upward growth trajectory that has skyrocketed – and continues to do so since lockdown restrictions were lifted.

“If there is one thing that pandemic has done, is focused and sharpened everyone’s mind towards the importance of personal health and well-being. And it’s that reason that many believe that now it’s a great time or opportunity to get into the market because actually, the industry was in a great trajectory before the pandemic start, and the effects last for months and it is likely bounce back incredibly well and on to an even steeper growth curb to one that it was before. In fact, we’re already starting to see the evidence of that.”

“This is an opportunity to build and develop a business that not only helps to improve other people’s lives, but will also enable you to develop a business with a value of potentially between half a million to £1.2 million over a five-year period,” Rob said.

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