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A-Star Sports set a cracking Christmas challenge to children

Written by Jade Saunders on Wednesday, 17 December 2014. Posted in Franchise

Children are challenged to curb the chocolate chomping and stay active over the Christmas period by A-Star Sports, the multi-sports coaching franchise business

A-Star Sports set a cracking Christmas challenge to children

Usually, after a month of excess gorging in December, we all feel the need to embark on a healthy eating and exercise mission. One business is giving our children a chance to avoid the dreaded January blues and maintain a healthy lifestyle all year round.

A-Star Sports, the children's fitness franchise, has launched the unique Star Chart Challenge to encourage youngsters to continue their healthy eating and active lifestyle during the winter festivities and beyond.

The Star Chart Challenge can be downloaded from A-Star Sports’ website and encourages children to set a target of obtaining 30 stars – or for those seeking a tougher feat, to obtain 60 or 90 stars. One to five stars can be obtained per activity or healthy living option and the challenge seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle in children. Some franchises are also offering prizes to high achievers in the challenge, such as signed sports goods and A-Star Sports water bottles and wristbands.

A list of activities and games can be found in an eBook on their website produced in partnership with their charity partner, Support through Sport UK.

Sharon Bassett, the company's director of marketing and communication and co-founder, said: “Our aim is for children to be really motivated and enthusiastic about their activities, whether or not they attend regular activities with us such as weekly classes, and the Star Chart Challenge is designed to help and inspire them through the holiday period and beyond.”

Hey, we never said it was just for kids, download the chart yourself and avoid the pies to save your thighs. 

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Jade Saunders

Jade Saunders

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