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Anytime Fitness ‘excited’ to announce new partnership with corporate giant

Written by Andy Swales on Monday, 07 September 2020. Posted in Franchise

Leading UK fitness franchise set to increase market share after signing momentous deal with Gympass.

Anytime Fitness ‘excited’ to announce new partnership with corporate giant

Leading UK fitness franchise set to increase market share after signing momentous deal with Gympass

Anytime Fitness has joined forces with corporate giant Gympass in a deal which should significantly boost both their market share and revenue streams. The partnership is excellent news for franchisees of Anytime Fitness, as they can now look forward to welcoming more corporate employees into their locally owned clubs. The deal, in turn, will make it easier for the UK’s corporate workforce to conveniently plan their fitness regimes around work, travel and family commitments.

Gympass is a global platform that allows companies to engage their workforce in physical activity, by providing and subsidising access to a global network of workout facilities. It is currently used by a host of major UK employers, including supermarket giant Tesco. Gympass can boast to having an established corporate customer base, which Anytime Fitness will have the opportunity to tap into as they seek to expand their portfolio of clubs around the country.

This deal will be viewed as benefitting both new and existing franchisees of Anytime Fitness, when working alongside Gympass in a bid to bring new members to their door. As the second largest private operator in the UK, Anytime Fitness is now in an even stronger position to expand its business opportunities, as the appetite for 24/7 clubs continue to attract both members and franchise owners alike. 

The Anytime Fitness franchise model blends perfectly with Gympass, as both businesses share a ‘join one, join all’ policy. It will also make it easier for many employees of the corporate world to enjoy a better work/life balance, as the two companies join forces to prioritise convenience, affordability and multi-site access.

Neil Randall, the UK’s CEO of Anytime Fitness, said: “It’s an exciting partnership for us both. We’re committed to improving the overall health of our members and the nation, so being able to reach more workers is a great opportunity for us.

“All of our outlets are independently owned and we know our franchisees are looking forward to welcoming workers from the local community into their clubs. It supports our passion to make healthy happen across the nation, while also supporting the growth of our franchisees in their local communities.

“And data from Gympass shows that a sizeable amount of their users are new to exercise and the gym. Gympass also shares our vision that corporate wellness is much more than just giving employees a discounted gym membership, it’s about supporting them with their personal fitness goals. We look forward to being able to support our new partner’s membership with both a convenient and supportive fitness solution, to fit around their busy lifestyles.” 

Eamon Lloyd, a senior director of Gympass, added: “We pride ourselves on offering convenient, affordable and accessible sites to corporate workforces, especially those employees who are not currently physically active. Anytime Fitness combines top-class facilities with a high level of personal service. They understand the value of focusing on the corporate sector as an opportunity for revenue growth.”

About: Anytime Fitness is the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world, outpacing the likes of McDonald’s and Subway. Anytime Fitness opened their first 3,000 clubs in just 13 years and they now operate in more than 30 countries, with over four million members. They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With over 170 clubs trading in the UK, Anytime Fitness provides a ‘join one, join all’ policy. All clubs are individually owned, offering state-of-the-art equipment, private bathrooms and a welcoming environment at an affordable price.

About: Gympass empowers companies to engage their workforce in physical activity by providing access to the largest global network of workout facilities. Founded in 2012, and with their headquarters in New York, they have a growing team in 30 offices around the world. In the UK, Gympass offers unlimited access to over 2,000 gyms, studios and fitness centres.

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