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bfa and ITN Productions launch a new TV programme for franchises

Written by Varsha Saraogi on Monday, 09 July 2018. Posted in Franchise

With the goal to support and inspire present and future franchisees whilst debunk myths in the industry, bfa presents The Future is Franchising

bfa and ITN Productions launch a new TV programme for franchises

It’s no secret TV shows influence young people’s career decisions. Given the plethora of business reality programmes available such as Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice, business reality shows have been hugely influential on millennial entrepreneurs. But undeniably there has been a dearth in the franchise field. Until now.

The British Franchise Association (bfa) aims to fill this gap with the launch of a current affairs style programme called The Future is Franchising in collaboration with ITN Productions.

Given the franchise sector has contributed to more than £15bn per annum in the UK, it’s easy to see how successful franchisees and franchisors can change their communities for the better. That’s the kind of pros The Future is Franchising aims to raise awareness about. For good measure, the presenters also aim to debunk a few misconceptions about the industry.

From well-known restaurant chains to up-and-coming brands, the programme will teach newbies and established heavy hitters alike the tricks of the trade. The presenters will also interview franchise veterans from such influential brands like  HSBC, McDonald’s and Bluebird Care as well as presenting exclusive reports from the forefront of franchising. Additionally, the programme will focus on the ongoing support for women in franchising.

With more than 50% of franchises in the UK having seen a turnover of £250,000 in a year and 97% in profits, the franchise industry has been preferred by many to fuel their entrepreneurial spirit. According to research by bfa, small businesses have a failure rate of 91% in their first year as opposed to less than 5% in franchising. That is testament that franchising is the way forward to scale a business.

Commenting on this new project, Pip Wilkins, CEO of the bfa, said: “Franchising is one of the real success stories of the UK business landscape and collaborations like the Future is Franchising programme are designed to educate both the public and media to this effect.”

So whether you’re looking to grow your franchise or acquire a new one, your next idea might just be a TV show away. Make sure you tune in.

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Varsha Saraogi

Varsha Saraogi

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