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Code Ninjas secures 11th centre in first UK launch and welcomes new VP of Education

Written by Latifa Yedroudj on Monday, 03 February 2020. Posted in Franchise

USA-based kids coding franchise is arriving to the UK for the first time in its 11th store opening and have recently appointed their new Vice President of education, Grant Smith

Code Ninjas secures 11th centre in first UK launch and welcomes new VP of Education

USA-based kids coding franchise is arriving to the UK for the first time with its 11th store and have recently appointed their new Vice President of education, Grant Smith

Franchising is a lucrative business. Even with Brexit scaremongering still at play, many franchisees are ignoring the “doom and gloom” and instead choosing to invest in businesses and take full advantage of what the sector has to offer. Code Ninjas, USA’s leading kids’ coding franchise, is now arriving to the UK in its 11th centre in the UK while welcoming its new Vice President of Education, as they spearhead plans for continued growth across the border.

Code Ninjas prides themselves in providing quality coding education to children around the world, with plans to launch its first ever UK centre since starting up their franchisee scheme.

Entrepreneurs in in the UK jetted off to Code Ninjas headquarters’ in Houston Texas to undertake training alongside a specialist support to team, preparing to open The Code Ninjas Pinner & Harrow centre.

UK-based franchisee Adnan Hussain, is the latest entrepreneur to join the Code Ninjas team, with over 10 years of experience as a data and analytics professional working for flagship data programs in the UK and the US.

The father-of-two young children had been looking for franchising opportunities and found Code Ninjas to be the perfect fit.

“The franchise opportunity appealed to me for all manner of reasons,” Adnan said. “The brand’s success in the US and Canada stood out for me, as did the obvious demand for the programme in the UK. Above all else, I really believe in the concept of helping children learn through creativity. I think that what Code Ninjas is doing for the landscape of children’s coding education is integral to helping our kids thrive in such a digital world. Plus, my own children love puzzles and games – they’re five and seven, so the perfect ages to become my first students! Skills such as analytical thinking, applying logic, understanding data and problem solving are core foundation blocks for children. For me, this opportunity will give me the work-life balance I’ve been craving for so long and an opportunity to do something I feel passionately about. I’m looking forward to my Code Ninjas journey and where my franchise will take me in the future.”

Code Ninjas has also announced the appointment of computer science education expert, Grant Smith, as VP of Education, who joined the team at the end of 2019. Grant will now draw on his years of experience with teaching and curriculum writing, with plans to enhance and expand the learning opportunities offered at Code Ninjas centre across the world.

Our programme continues to appeal to families around the world and we are investing significant resources back in to the quality coding education we offer,” explained David Graham. “Grant’s background in the education system makes him a valuable addition to our central support team. He specialises in enhancing computer science education opportunities for kids and has an extensive career doing just that. We are thrilled to welcome him into the Code Ninjas family as we continue to drive the brand to new heights across the globe.”

Grant now hopes to share his passion for computer science to a younger generation, revolutionising the ways children learn coding and allow them to develop their skills in a fun and dynamic environment.

“I’m excited to be part of a rapidly growing, global company that shares my passion for teaching computer science to the younger generation and beyond,” said Grant Smith. “Code Ninjas is revolutionising the way that kids learn to code, giving them a chance to gain valuable life skills in a way that’s fun – using video games. I am so excited to be part of the movement and to make an impact on young learners around the world.”

“This is an incredibly exciting time for us, as we advance with our plans for UK expansion. We were particularly pleased to welcome the first British franchisees to our training facility in the states in January. It’s been wonderful to share in their franchise journey since we met them last year and I can’t wait to see where they take their franchises in 2020,” David Graham, co-founder and CEO of Code Ninjas.

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