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Pip Wilkins appointed CEO of the bfa

Written by Josh Russell on Friday, 05 February 2016. Posted in Franchise

Former head of operations set to step into the role, with current CEO Brian Smart to stand down in two months’ time

Pip Wilkins appointed CEO of the bfa

A change at the top is a regular occurrence in all companies but it can bring fresh skills and ideas into an organisation. So whilst it’s sad news that Brian Smart is stepping down after 27 years as CEO of the bfa, it’s great to hear that Pip Wilkins, the association’s former head of operations, has been selected as his successor.

Set to enter the role on April 6, Wilkins has already spent the best part of 17 years with the bfa and is widely regarded as one of the UK's leading franchise professionals. 

“I am delighted to have been appointed," said Wilkins. "There is no better time to be involved in franchising thanks to its strong recent growth, with the industry’s turnover up 11% in the last two years and now exceeding £15bn. I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead the bfa forward, building on its previous success and bringing a new vision and new ideas to increase the Association’s stature and influence.”

Simon Bartholomew, chairman of the bfa, added: “Pip Wilkins has already contributed a great deal to the development and success of the bfa and it is only right she has won this opportunity to lead the bfa in its next stage of development.”

Here’s wishing Wilkins the best of luck as the new foreperson of UK franchising. 

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Josh Russell

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