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Surviving and thriving during 2020

on Thursday, 25 March 2021. Posted in Franchise

The Cafe2U CEO believes the company’s robust franchise model is one reason why the business has flourished during the year-long pandemic.

Surviving and thriving during 2020

The Cafe2U CEO believes the company’s robust franchise model is one reason why the business has flourished during the year-long pandemic.

For most businesses, last year was a complete write off. The year 2020 is probably best summed up by the adjective ‘unprecedented’ which was a word uttered many, many times during the pandemic. But even this most descriptive of words cannot fully convey the full extent of the challenges faced by companies across the world. 

Unfortunately for some, the pandemic meant the end of trading, while others had no choice but to batten down the hatches and focus all their energies and efforts on survival. However, despite all of this ongoing global misery, a number of positive stories have emerged from the depths of despair experienced by so many business owners and employees.

One notable example is Cafe2U, the leading mobile coffee franchise in the UK. The West Yorkshire-based company didn’t just survive but actually thrived. Martyn Ward, the company’s chief executive, believes Cafe2U’s resilience is “testament to our franchise model and our ability to successfully attract new franchisees.”

He explained how the company used a variety of strategies “to help strengthen our position and support our employees throughout the pandemic. And we’re in a much stronger position now because for it.

“We supported the wellbeing of our franchise partners, while also focusing on creating opportunities to do more for others, such as delivering over 15,000 free cups of coffee to NHS frontline workers.”

‘No holding back’

Cafe2U chose to forge ahead with strategies planned before Covid-19 struck. Martyn added: “We didn’t hold back on big projects, like the launch and roll out of our brand new app – despite the risks involved in pressing ahead with them during the pandemic. 

“Our rationale was that this would help ensure our franchisees were not only supported throughout the pandemic but also well-equipped for the future. Looking back, there’s plenty of compelling evidence to prove that this was the right choice and it’s certainly paying off now.”

While the company recognises there are still many challenges ahead, Cafe2U are proud to announce they have made a strong start to 2021. “We are all well aware Coronavirus is still with us,” explained Martyn.

“Therefore our franchise partners, new and old, will continue to abide by socially distancing guidelines when serving our customers. We will be respectful of the measures that have served us so well, so far.

“On the business side, we will continue to look for ways to grow, strengthen and innovate. Hopefully, without wanting to sound boastful, I believe we are a shining example of how a business can succeed during difficult times. There is the potential for a brighter future, for all of us.” 

This article comes courtesy of Cafe2U. The UK’s premier mobile coffee business and coffee van franchise provider. Every day its growing network of mobile café vans provide thousands of happy customers in “non-traditional” locations such as office parks and community events with a welcome break.

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