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These franchises are changing the world – is yours?

Written by Angus Shaw on Wednesday, 10 October 2018. Posted in Franchise

Franchises are in a unique position to make a difference. Indeed, from Driver Hire to Esquires Coffee, we found ones that didn’t miss the opportunity

These franchises are changing the world – is yours?

Given the vast networks many franchises have, they’re in a stronger position than most to change the world for the better. And these franchises have recently taken steps to do just that.

Many businesses simply wouldn’t exist without delivery capabilities, yet professional drivers face a high risk of developing mental health issues. It’s something Driver Hire, the transport recruitment agency, was particularly primed to tackle for Mental Illness Awareness Week between the Saturdays of October 7 and October 13 this year. The franchisor printed 20,000 awareness posters for its franchisees to distribute among customers, reminding people to “connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give.” While posters alone won’t solve mental health problems, it’s great to see a franchisor raise awareness as employers must do their part to help tackle such an important issue.

But you don’t have to get your hands dirty to make a difference. For example, simply donating to charity is always a good thing. So take a leaf from ChipsAway, the car repair company, which literally went the extra mile in October 2018 by supporting Bangers4Ben, an initiative helping former motor industry workers through tough times. It did so by backing a team from InAutomotive, the job board, in its Top Gear-esque challenge to get across 1,500 miles of European soil in nothing more than a £750 Vauxhall Omega. After the challenge, the car will be sold on auction with all the proceeds being donated to Bangers4Ben. Given the car’s decked out with Ghostbusters decals, let’s hope they arrive in time for Halloween.

Driving 1,500 miles is relatively harmless to the environment in the great scheme of things. However, the fact is that today’s cars are contributing to the decay of the ozone layer. Fortunately, coffee franchises are putting their efforts into protecting the world for our children. In September 2018 Starbucks pledged to build 10,000 “greener stores” by 2025 and Costa introduced a cup recycling scheme in February 2017. Now it seems like Esquires, the coffee chain, is jumping on this trend too. In a bid to extinct one-time use plastics, the franchise has rolled out biodegradable cups, takeaway boxes, straws and napkins to its 38 UK stores. Moreover, it also plans to make 2020 the year all its single-use plastics will be phased out. 

Whether you have an army of franchisees or a more modest domain, every franchise should take a look at changing the bigger picture. 

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Angus Shaw

Angus Shaw

With a keen eye for politics as editorial assistant, Angus can often be found scanning the horizon for the next big waves crashing against business shores – which makes up the time when he's not setting sail at Radio Caroline, the former pirate station, on weekends. Follow him on Twitter @Angus_Shaw for his latest cognition

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