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Trampoline park franchise Flip Out aims to double its size by 2022

Written by Louisa Cook on Tuesday, 14 May 2019. Posted in Franchise

After already conquering areas such as Dubai and South Africa, Flip Out is focusing on expanding its UK franchise operations

Trampoline park franchise Flip Out aims to double its size by 2022

Expanding franchises internationally can be risky business. So it’s encouraging whenever foreign franchisors don’t just dare to make the jump and venture into the UK market but also to grow their business. The latest one to do just that is Flip Out, an Australian trampoline park franchise that was brought over to Blighty in 2015. 

Founded in Sydney in 2012, Flip Out has grown globally, having a total of 78 outlets in seven countries, including New Zealand, South Africa and Dubai. Flip Out provides classes, parties and sessions for all ages. Flip Out locations also provide food, beverages and arcades.  

And this is the successful recipe that has seen the UK operations grow tremendously over the past three years. However, it doesn’t have any plans to stop as Flip Out is expected to bounce into 2022 with double its size. The company currently has 22 sites open in the UK, with four new ones being built. In three years’ time, it’s aiming to have 50 centres open. Furthermore, Flip Out sold over 2.5 million sessions in 2018 and it’s aiming for five million in 2019.

Flip Out is currently looking to open in Dorset, Hertfordshire, Coventry, Sussex and Scotland. The franchise aims to open more parks in shopping centres and retail parks, while connecting with more landlords of property sites for potential expansion. The space requirement for a Flip Out centre is between 15,000 and 75,000 sq feet. 

Commenting on Flip Out’s expansion hopes, co-owner Richard Beese, said: "We are really excited to be at the expansion stage of our growth strategy and are looking to push all boundaries. We are interested in key geographic areas across the UK and are looking to grow exponentially."

With Flip Out already having cracked the UK market, it’s safe to say its new UK franchises will only bounce higher. 

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Louisa Cook

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