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Franchise Opportunities           

fit 20

fit20 is perfectly positioned to exploit the growth trend in the UK health and wellness industry...

A massive 15% of the UK population have gym membership, yet, our offering appeals not only to existing gym goers and health enthusiasts, but more importantly, to those who don’t go to gyms, clubs or exercise classes. We cater to the 85% of the population that do not like, or want to go to gyms and exercise classes. So, your market potential is 6 times greater with fit20 and no competitors!

With a proven product- we have a successful track record with 16,000+ clients; our method is backed by science, not the latest fad or passing craze. This is just one reason we have  client retention rates averaging 80%; Fantastic in any business, let alone the fitness industry! 

Business Opportunity

Generate cash from day one of opening. Plus: 

  • Low entry fee from only £15,000, 
  • minimal floor space requirement (minimum studio footprint is only 600 sq feet), keeps overheads to a minimum, compared to regular gyms.
  • proven marketing system to help you grow your business 
  • ability to employ trainers so you can work on the business, and not in it- allowing you to generate a revenue stream for years to come, and affording you a meaningful work/life balance
  • Scalable model to own multiple studios at a fraction of the cost of traditional gyms or other fitness franchises, and superior ROI.
  • Experienced  support team that genuinely care about helping you and your customers to succeed 

Our mission is to help you to generate an attractive income and fulfilling lifestyle by making people healthier, fitter and stronger in only 20 minutes a week!

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