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International Men’s Day

Written by Latifa Yedroudj on Monday, 16 November 2020. Posted in Insight

True to form, the franchising industry has highlighted its resilient nature during the challenges that the past 12 months has thrown at us.

International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day 

True to form, the franchising industry has highlighted its resilient nature during the challenges that the past 12 months has thrown at us. As the year begins to draw to a close, there’s still celebration to be had, to appreciate the success of the entire franchise world. With International Men’s Day just around the corner, it’s the opportunity for people everywhere to celebrate the men in their lives and the contribution they make to society for the greater good of all. 

We’ve spoken with four inspirational men to share their success stories and further demonstrate the strength in franchising. 

On course for greatness 

When Visiting Angels launched in Sheffield in 2017, the in-home care franchise became the first model of its kind this side of the pond. With its unique approach of being ‘carer-centric’, putting carers at the centre of the business, the pilot franchise has gone from strength to strength. Winning Best International Franchise at the brand’s conference, being shortlisted as finalists in the Great British Care Awards for two years in a row and hitting a milestone turnover of £2million all in under three years. Dan Archer, franchisee and Managing Director, is the man behind its success and is proud of how far the brand has come.

“That first year of business was crucial for Visiting Angels. I established the foundations in the UK and created an example on what level of growth future franchisees could achieve. Then, when it was time to introduce new faces to the UK network, the brand was already showcasing the lucrative business model and highlighting demand for our particular service. From that point onwards, it’s been full steam ahead. 

“Although COVID-19 stunted a lot of industries, the care sector experienced an influx of attention. Across the country, people were crying out for a quality service, especially for loved ones who had no choice but to shield. So far in 2020, four new UK offices have opened, taking Visiting Angels to nine locations – all poised to react to the demand and provide much-needed support to families in their respective communities. The year isn’t over just yet and, with several prospects in the pipeline and another two franchisees training this month, I’m confident that this is just the beginning.” 

My greatest role to date! 

48-year-old Matthew Wing has played many roles in his life. He says his most memorable acting part was performing on stage in ‘Starlight Express’, where he met his future wife, Danielle. Personally, his role as a proud husband and dad of two has been a real highlight. But it’s the professional position that he has taken on for the past 12 years, as franchisee and Principal of Stagecoach Performing Arts in Chingford, that has brought him the most career satisfaction.  

“When I first took over the franchise, I was of the mindset that I would take every day as it comes. In those early days, I assumed I would continue with the acting as my primary career, whilst managing the business at the weekends. Before long, I was finding running my franchise so rewarding – both in terms of wellbeing and financial gain – that I decided to give the business the majority of my time. I really grew into being a business owner and now I’m proud to refer to myself as a full-time franchisee. It’s my greatest role to date! 

“The financial rewards have had a massive impact on my family – it’s offered us a lovely lifestyle that before I could have only dreamt of. I went into the opportunity knowing that there was money to be made but the difference it’s made to my life is more than I could’ve imagined. Being a franchisee is a completely different feeling to being on stage. Yes, as an actor, I’ve enjoyed one or two standing ovations, but the thrill I get out of running my business lasts much longer.” 

At the top of his game 

Andy Hemming launched his ActionCOACH franchise in the Black Country in 2007. Fast forward a decade and he’s constantly ranked within the top 5 coaches globally, due to his commitment to giving back to the UK network by delivering training and best practice seminars with HSBC Bank. In 2020, Andy Hemming received a 100-point Net Promoter Score from his clients, receiving the business coaching franchise’s award for Best Client Rating in the UK for the fourth consecutive year. 

“It’s a real honour to have taken this award once again. The work we do is extremely important, but this year in particular has been crucial for our local business community. I’m pleased to see the impact we have not only increases profitability, but also makes a fundamental difference to the lives of business owners, their families and employees. Ultimately, it’s what gets me up in the morning. 

“During the initial lockdown in March, we helped clients shift focus and, in some cases, achieve record levels of revenue growth. This is a real testament to the strength of the ActionCOACH systems and how the UK support team truly back us up.” 

Being a male in a female-dominated industry 

David Mathie, UK General Manager for international hairdressing franchise Just Cuts, joined the team back in 2014, following a successful career working with some of the most recognised hair and beauty brands in the world. Now, he is spearheading the growth of the franchise on UK shores, having relocated to London from his native Australia in 2019. He’s proud to play a significant role in maintaining the growth of the health and beauty sector - especially in a traditionally female-dominated market. 

“I get so much personal and professional satisfaction out of my role with Just Cuts. As General Manager, my key responsibility is managing all aspects of operations for the entire UK network. I’m our Franchise Owners’ go-to guy for all enquiries and work closely with the Academy team back in Australia to strategise and recognise potential areas for growth. But the aspect of my role that brings me the most satisfaction is ensuring our Franchise Owners feel supported and encouraged. 

“Throughout our sector, it’s estimated that 83% of those employed are female1 – I’m proud to hold such an important position even if I am in the minority 17%! I’ve worked incredibly hard to get to where I am today and can’t imagine a future without Just Cuts in it. I’ve built a fantastic life here in the UK with my husband Chris and don’t take my success for granted.” 

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with dreams of making it big, then International Men’s Day might be the boost you needed to find out more about franchising and its benefits.  

1 National Hairdressers Federation, 2019, Industry Statistics. 

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