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Quality over quantity - Why wine bars are taking the franchise world by storm

on Thursday, 21 November 2019. Posted in Insight

What better way to relax after a long day of work than to wine and dine at a fancy bar?

Quality over quantity - Why wine bars are taking the franchise world by storm

What better way to relax after a long day of work than to wine and dine at a fancy bar? Now, many food and beverage companies are looking at new ways to create better customer experiences in order to cater to the growing demand for high-end dining. We reveal why buying a wine bar franchise could be a worthwhile investment in the long-run.

Quality over quantity

People are becoming increasingly more conscious about what they put into their bodies. More so, consumers are seeking quality over quantity – especially when it comes to their food. Therefore, quality food and drink are becoming increasingly popular. Many are choosing to indulge in good wines to savour the flavours with an understanding and appreciation of its origins over a cheaper bottle.

“More wines labels have entered the UK market giving a greater choice but at the same time, the consumer is becoming more knowledgeable about wines,” Rodrigue Trouillet, owner of Veeno Bars said. “Consumers don’t want to become experts but really enjoy understanding more about where the wines come from and what the process in making quality wines.”

Great customer experience

With a rise in the number of bars, clubs and restaurants, what often separates one from the other is customer ratings. Patrons are often looking for an all-rounded experience when they have a drink a or two, as it is not just about the alcohol, but about the ambience as well. Now, quality bars often focus on given customers a fantastic experience, providing nibbles and treats to munch on while they sip away on their favourite wine.

“We see the trend of customers appreciating more and more the combination of food and wine for a leisurely lunch or night out,” Mr Trouillet added. “Our plan is to continue growing in the UK and open wine bars, from affluent smaller towns to main cities, our concept caters well to consumer demand.”

Training and support

Starting your own business can be a scary feat and many are unsure of where to start. Therefore, opening a franchise can be one way to put your mind at easy and at the same time receive much needed training, support and guidance along the way.

“We provide our franchisees with a full turnkey franchise. From site location to fit out, we deliver an operational wine bar with outstanding operational support,” Mr Trouillet said. “Openness to growth is a real positive of our brand, sharing ideas and information provides a responsible franchisor and we have a committed executive team and we do not wrap you up in red tape.”

“Our franchise offers a compelling financial return on investment at a surprisingly low cost,” Paul Davies, Franchise Director at Veeno Bars added.

Some companies even put extra effort to invest in their franchisees such as trips to factories abroad, truly immersing them into the heart of their business to help them understand their brand better.

“We are looking for partners who are as passionate about wine as we are and we believe that giving customers a true experience is extremely rewarding,” Mr Trouillet said. “We focus on training our staff properly and giving them the best working atmosphere possible. We want to make sure our customers enjoy their time in Veeno and thrive on establishing between them and our brand a type of connection so they can fully immerse themselves into what we do.”

This article comes courtesy of Veeno Bars authentic Italian wine franchise, proud to offer quality Italian wines and a rang of mouth-watering hot and cold Italian appetisers across the UK.


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