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Recognition growing for the cleaning industry

on Monday, 15 March 2021. Posted in Insight

Gareth Sanders, Founder of Sparkle Cleaning comments on the growth of cleaning in the franchise sector and believes that positive times are ahead.

Recognition growing for the cleaning industry

Gareth Sanders, Founder of Sparkle Cleaning comments on the growth of cleaning in the franchise sector and believes that positive times are ahead.

The combined effects of COVID-19 and Brexit have left many businesses struggling. The good news however, is that some sectors are still performing well. In these sectors, we are seeing an increase in franchise ownership, with evermore deciding to= take control of their future. 

The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the importance of the cleaning sector and given the industry the recognition it deserves. Businesses are prioritising hygiene within the workplace and increasing their reliance on professional cleaning companies to ensure a thorough job. This is not a trend that looks to slow down even as we exit lockdown restrictions.

This is why ‘Cleaning franchises’ have been named one of the top 5 franchises for 2021 and Sparkle Cleaning have seen a 37.8% increase in enquiries since the start of the year. Sparkle have already launched one new territory this year and plans to roll out another three by the end of the year are in full swing.

Opportunity and caution

The caveat to all of the success Cleaning Franchises are experiencing, is that this should not be looked at as a ‘get rich quick scheme’. It’s important for prospective businesses owners to do their due diligence. Jumping on the bandwagon of cleaning without sufficient knowledge, training or support will ensure your business is doomed from the start. 

When looking to invest in a franchise, ensure you will receive the right levels of training and support, not just in the operational side but also in lead generation and sales.

Furthermore, look to invest in a company that shares your values and ethics. This will be important, as it’s the culture of a business that will fuel your motivation long term. If you are confident in these two elements, your chances of success increase astronomically.

The importance of a value based business

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of an organisation, the guiding principles that shape culture and influence decision making. To build long-lasting relationships with suppliers and clients, it's vital for a business to have defined values. 

In turn, these values let people (including you) know if the organisation is right for them. If they have cultural fit and thus will conduct business successfully. We tend to like those who are like us and business is no exception. 

Gareth built Sparkle Cleaning on solid values influenced by his previous experiences in business. One of those important values is ‘Family comes First’. The ethos behind ‘Family comes First’ results in extraordinary retention rates of staff and clients. Gareth explains how;

“I have worked in companies before where I have not been valued, I know how that feels and I never wanted that for our business. Historically, cleaners have not been treated well by their employers or by the clients they work for, and I knew it didn’t have to be that way. I believe it's important that when people go to work they feel they are part of a family. It's vital that employees are in a place where they can take ownership of their work, and have a part to play in a team.”

A requirement for expertise

With cleaning now a vital service for UK businesses of all types, the ongoing training and expertise of cleaning staff is needed more than ever. We are already seeing big changes in how the cleaning industry and cleaning careers are being perceived. We think it’s about time. 

2021 will be a defining year for our industry and an exciting time to be a franchise owner.

This article comes courtesy of Sparkle Cleaning complete cleaning services serving the whole UK, fully supported by a bespoke franchisee support package.

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