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Why you’re never too old to be a franchisee

Written by Nigel Toplis on Wednesday, 18 October 2017. Posted in Insight

Thanks to franchising, there is always a fantastic option available to those that want to build their own business – regardless of their age

Why you’re never too old to be a franchisee

It seems in the modern world no sooner have you served your time and built up a bank of experience and knowledge than the company decides they can get someone younger and cheaper to do your job. It’s a crazy state of affairs when companies consider 50 years to be ‘too old’. The good news is that if you are fit, ambitious, not afraid of hard work and have the desire to run your own business – secure in the knowledge that your future will depend on you and not your boss – then franchising could be the route for you.

In our more mature years, our opportunities to build up capital are more limited, so it’s important to make the right decision when it comes to spending your hard-earned cash. If you are looking to invest a lump sum from a redundancy payment, pension or inheritance then franchising can be a proven and cost-effective route to setting up your own business. Buying a franchise gives you access to a tried and tested business model backed up by the support of an experienced franchisor, which takes away the element of risk involved in setting up a venture from scratch. You can see exactly how much it will cost and get a good understanding of the likely return your investment will give.

Businesses do not fail because the business owner is 'too old' nor do they succeed simply because the owner is perceived to be a 'young stallion’. Age is not the issue. What is important, however, is the ability to perform in the business – to have the energy, drive and ambition to give 100% to the running of a company, whether that’s in meeting customers, organisation or administration. Franchising is a case of balance and sometimes what you gain with youth – high energy, single-minded ambition and a fervor to ‘climb the greasy pole’ – you may lose with more mature franchisees. However, what you gain by way of experience, knowledge and life skills can more than compensate.

Successful franchising is a marriage of two parties – with the franchisor bringing the brand, system, training, marketing and ongoing support, advice and guidance to the relationship and the franchisee contributing their own business skills, ambition, desire and willingness to work the system. This is why, when recruiting prospective franchisees for our four brands, the Bardon Group does not look at their age. What we do look for is people people, good organisers, strong communicators and, above all, people with passion – all attributes to be found in a 60-year-old as much as in a 30-year-old.

About the Author

Nigel Toplis

Nigel Toplis

It’s safe to say Toplis has form when it comes to franchising. As managing director of The Bardon Group, he has led the growth of some of the UK’s best-known franchises, including The Zip Yard and Kall Kwik. Toplis lists work as one of his hobbies but he also enjoys his fair share of travel, horse racing and red wine.

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