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Is your franchise adapting to evolving markets around the world?

Written by Amber Manning on Friday, 03 May 2019. Posted in International

The world of business is changing. Luckily, Amber Manning, UK CEO at Just Cuts, has a few ideas on how your franchise can stay ahead in an ever-changing industry

Is your franchise adapting to evolving markets around the world?

As an Australian franchise expanding into the UK, we at Just Cuts know a thing or thousand about adapting to new environments. However, we’re hardly alone in the franchising world to be subject to the need for change. 

You might think you’re an expert in your field and know everything there is to know but, trust me, there’s always much more to learn. Markets constantly evolve, meaning both franchisors and franchisees need to be at the top of their game to move with it and to do so rapidly. 

It pays, quite literally, to know what’s happening in your industry and to keep up with the latest trends. Prospective franchisees will expect to see you innovating and adapting without making big mistakes in the process to be convinced you’re a safe bet before investing. You have to demonstrate that you really know your stuff. Take it from someone working in an industry where no two days are the same – one minute something is trending and the next it’s gone the way of moon boots and mullets. 

But whether your franchisees are giving people the best haircut of their lives or frying up hamburgers, it’s fair to say most changes are consumer-led. Whether our clients are demanding a specific product or looking for the latest innovations, they continue to influence our service. As an example, we’ve noticed that the beauty industry’s focus has shifted towards a more natural and ethical approach to self-care. We listened to clients and realised they longed for products to use at home to maintain their salon finish. Our answer was designing, producing and manufacturing our own product range in a more environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free way. Another option to stay ahead of the game is using technology. The internet, which just recently turned 30, combined with innovations like smartphones have given customers the power to get what they want almost instantaneously. It’s introduced a completely different aspect of business that wasn’t around just ten years ago. 

Reacting to customer recommendations and rolling with the punches of tech are just a couple of the reasons why franchising is thriving. Operating with the latest software allows franchisees to stay at the heart of their business and work cohesively with the whole of their network. Technology has allowed the relationship between franchisor and franchisee to stay alive, no matter where they are in the world. 

Whichever sector you’re in, you will find yourself having to adapt to the latest trends and an ever-changing market but the ability to evolve often presents exciting opportunities. After all, if you can lead the change, you’ll make the difference between being number one and number ten. 

About the Author

Amber Manning

Amber Manning

Amber Manning is an experienced and dynamic General Manager with an extensive career in franchising, not-for-profit and financial services. At just 20 years’ old, she was Australia’s youngest financial services Franchise Owner and Operator. Fourteen years on, Amber is General Manager at Just Cuts, the largest hairdressing franchise in the Southern Hemisphere, and UK CEO as they expand rapidly in this new market.

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