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Does your recruitment marketing hit the right note?

Written by Paul Clegg on Tuesday, 09 February 2021. Posted in Sales & Marketing

How can I keep my prospects engaged, even though we’re in a national lockdown? This is the burning question, Paul Clegg from Coconut Creatives offers guidance on.

Does your recruitment marketing hit the right note?

How can I keep my prospects engaged, even though we’re in a national lockdown? This is the burning question, Paul Clegg from Coconut Creatives offers guidance on.

If anyone was to ask what your plans are for this year personally, would you have an answer? Most of us who are not furloughed, and are still working may have worked out some professional goals for this year, but many others are in limbo. Waiting to see what happens with the lockdown, vaccines, and life returning to some semblance of normality. 

It’s into this arena you’re sending your recruitment emails, and campaigns. But are they conveying the right message?

Ask yourself this question: The kind of content I’m expecting others to read, is it what I would want to know, if I was in my prospects’ shoes? 

In order to answer this, you need to know who your target audience is, and have an understanding of their circumstances right now. 

  • Are they parents trying to balance home schooling with work? 
  • Are they managers trying to meet deadlines, whilst ensuring their teams are feeling OK working from home? 
  • Are they anxiously watching for news of their long-term employment? 
  • Are they one of the millions of working age people currently shielding, worried about their futures? 
  • Or are they one of the 370,000 people who the Office of National Statistics reported in December who have lost their jobs? 

Having read through the above list, now, go back and answer my question. Does the content you send out, add value to the lives and situations of your real people target audience? 

If you think it does – great! I hope you still gain something from the rest of this article. However, if you’re not sure, or reluctantly admit it probably doesn’t, today is the day to change your approach. You can still engage with your prospects, connecting them with your franchise opportunity, whilst adding value to their situations. 

Nurture your prospect relationships in such a way, they remember and connect positively with your brand, rather than turning away because of a too-salesy, or irrelevant approach. 

I've learned that people will forget what you said, 
people will forget what you did,
people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou

This quote, is as true during the pandemic, as it ever has been. Your prospects will remember how you make them feel, more than what you say or do, and yet, many of us don’t know how to make them feel anything with our content. Psychology tells us people tend to make decisions with their emotions first, before rationalising them. 

Here are a few ideas of how you can hit the right note, and increase engagement:

Become more human

Pull your prosects closer to you, by stepping into their world, and letting them know 

  1. you understand where they’re at, and 
  2. they’re not alone!

I know this is a consistent message being reiterated by everyone from Government, to your favourite bakery, but it’s because people need to hear it – including your future franchisees. 

Storytelling is a massive part of what makes us human. We enjoy stories all the time – think of your favourite novel, or your favourite movie. Chances are, the reason it has made it into your favourites list, is because of the story. Telling stories is a powerful way to connect with your prospects in a real way. In a way they already know, and are comfortable with. 

So, share stories from within your network of how a franchisee has been supported, or how they connected with a customer and made a difference, or how less alone they feel as a business owner within a franchise network. Show the humanness of the brand – the fear, the frustrations, the joy, and the successes.

Be more positive 

Not everyone is ready to make a big change, right now. People are afraid of what’s ahead; they are afraid of the unknown; and they are afraid of failing. From the student due to graduate, to the thirty-something about to hit their milestone birthday, to the senior manager on the verge of a forced career change. 

Into this environment, you can be a voice of positivity. Use your story to share good news testimonials, videos from within your network of how people have changed their lives, or positive moments of success in their work, or even just quotes you or your network find encouraging each day. 

Your recruitment content doesn’t need to be long emails and blogs. Use short-form content, which is more likely to make a genuine connection, quickly, and be shared by your prospect – especially if it strikes the right chord with them, and looks good. 

Challenge but don’t push

Most of us want to become better human beings, which is why franchising is such a good opportunity. It allows people to pursue better career, than simply working hard to ‘maybe’ climb up the ladder. 

Use your content to challenge people to see themselves in a new light: either now, or when the pressures of the pandemic ease. Use stories to show your prospects what they can genuinely achieve, if they take the step to invest in their own business with you. Challenge them to put themselves in the shoes of your network. Challenge them to find the joy of being a successful business owner. 

Don’t use your stories in a pushy, salesy way. But, in the way a friend would – to challenge them to become a better version of themselves. 

Tap into the mood of your prospects, then use your brand and your stories to first connect, then lift them. It does take a bit more effort, but as Maya Angelou said – people will remember you for it, because of how you made them feel. Let me know if we can help you rethink your recruitment content.

About the Author

Paul Clegg

Paul Clegg

Having been involved in franchising for almost 15 years, Paul Clegg, Managing Director of Coconut Creatives, has become an authority on franchise marketing recruitment. His opinion is often sought out as a recognised and trusted advisor for understanding franchising challenges. In 2011 Paul attained the bfa’s Qualified Franchise Professional title, in recognition of his professional knowledge.

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