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Four power tools you need for recruitment marketing in 2021

Written by Paul Clegg on Thursday, 21 January 2021. Posted in Sales & Marketing

What if we told you the power to effective recruitment marketing is right under your nose? Paul Clegg, from Coconut Creatives discusses the power tools you need to start using.

Four power tools you need for recruitment marketing in 2021

What if we told you the power to effective recruitment marketing is right under your nose? Paul Clegg, from Coconut Creatives discusses the power tools you need to start using. 

The New Year always presents people with fresh opportunities. Although, within franchising, the opportunities are always available, there is something about the start of a New Year which causes people to reflect on what they want from life. Which is why it presents you with an ideal opportunity to show what you offer, with your franchise. 

The easiest way to achieve this, is through the use of story-telling to showcase your brand. Understanding your story, can help those who are interested in your franchise to envision themselves in it. If they can imagine themselves running one of your franchises, then they are one step closer to investing with you.  

The power of attraction

Science has shown how we tend to gravitate towards those who appear to be like ourselves: Not just romantically, but in terms of friendships, and where we work. We assess how well we think we will do, based on how similar we are to others in the same workplace, or career. If we can’t see ourselves within an organisation, or a brand, we will switch our allegiances until we find the right fit: This is basically how influencer marketing works. 

Making it work for you: Use the people in your network, to connect with those looking at your franchise. People will always buy from people, first: especially those who remind us of ourselves, or who we aspire to be. By telling the stories of your franchisees, as well as sharing their successes, you enable the power of attraction which is most likely to lead to the results you want. 

The power of positivity

With so much focus on mindfulness, wellbeing and positivity, people want an experience which will prove to be good for them in the long-run. There are numerous books, groups and inspirational quotes dedicated to helping people use the power of positivity to make the best of each day. The end goal being the ability to shift our focus from the fear of failure to goal achievement. 

Making it work for you: Share the positive news of the goals you, your franchisees, and your brand achieved in 2020 – especially now the UK has been plunged back into another lockdown. People not only want to feel optimistic about what they’re embarking on, they want the security of knowing they’re making the right decision for a more secure future: with a strong and flexible business they can see is working for others.

The power of partnership

If 2020 revealed anything, it was the desire to feel connected to people, in a meaningful way. With people working from home more, socialising less, and missing out on being around other people, there is a need to find ways to connect with others. The idea of being alone, and feeling alone, compels many of us to connect with people.

Making it work for you: With more people working from home, promoting your franchise as a home working opportunity is no longer a USP. So, focus on the benefits franchisees receive when they join your network: The fact they can build their own business, but they are not alone. Use stories of how you supported your network to adapt to the pandemic, especially if you successfully pivoted your business to meet new demands, and talk about how your network supported one another, as well as positive customer experience stories. 

The power of association

Feeling part of something bigger than ourselves, is a big draw. The pandemic caused people to reflect on who they are and their place in society, which is why so many brands changed how they were viewed by their customers and followers. There is a deep-seated need to feel like not only do we belong to something, we have a role to play. 

Making it work for you: Throughout the pandemic, we heard a number of inspiring stories from those who went the extra mile to help others, to raise money, or support their local communities. So, talk about what you and your franchisees did which would be considered the “extra mile”. Be open about the giving back within your brand, not just in response to the pandemic, but what you do as part of your culture. 

One of the most powerful aspects of recruitment marketing is enabling people to imagine themselves running one of your franchises. So, by making use of the stories within your network, you empower your prospects to place themselves in the shoes of those they identify with. When you form a connection between you and your prospect, they begin to believe in the possibility to achieve their goal of running a good business for themselves, and you can better influence them into saying “yes. 

In conclusion, your network and brand provide you with the most powerful resources you will ever need for promoting your franchise to those looking for a career move in 2021. If we can help you in identifying the right kinds of stories to tell, or what mediums to use to tell them, then we are more than happy to have a chat. Make 2021 the year you feel empowered, and pay forward the feeling of empowerment to your prospects.

About the Author

Paul Clegg

Paul Clegg

Having been involved in franchising for almost 15 years, Paul Clegg, Managing Director of Coconut Creatives, has become an authority on franchise marketing recruitment. His opinion is often sought out as a recognised and trusted advisor for understanding franchising challenges. In 2011 Paul attained the bfa’s Qualified Franchise Professional title, in recognition of his professional knowledge.

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