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Four reasons why you shouldn’t work without management software

Written by Zoe Price on Wednesday, 20 January 2021. Posted in Technology

At the end of the year, it’s always easy to accept the problems that we face in our day to day work routine and say that we’ll be better at time and people management in the new year, when we attack January rested and fresh-faced.

Four reasons why you shouldn’t work without management software

At the end of the year, it’s always easy to accept the problems that we face in our day to day work routine and say that we’ll be better at time and people management in the new year, when we attack January rested and fresh-faced. Well, it’s January now, and it’s time that we put some of those resolutions we seem to always end up putting off into practice. 2020 was extremely chaotic as we bounced from one crisis to the next, but as we face 2021 with renewed optimism, we all need to stop rebounding and start stepping forward. 

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and for your business is use a decent management software. You will no doubt have heard the phrase before, and almost certainly will have heard one or two specific names mentioned when discussing work with friends and family, but if you still have not committed to using one for your business, here are a few reasons why it will help you no end in the coming months. 

We’re all still working remotely

Vaccines may have started being rolled out around the world but “back to normal” is still a very long way away at this point. Even though some businesses will be going back to an office-based work environment at some point in the future, we are all reconciled to the fact that working from home where possible is going to be the normal way of doing things for some time to come. In the absence of offices, management software is simply essential for making sure that you and your colleagues are all on the same page. It’s not just about staying organised; it’s about knowing where everyone is in their workflows without having to send endless messages to ask about the status of every little task. Which brings us to…

You can easily track a project from inception to completion

So, we can’t just spin our office chair around to ask the person on the desk behind us if they’ve finished working on that doc yet, but with management software you can have a crystal-clear understanding of where each and every stage of a project is. Whether you’ve been kicking around ideas during a brainstorm session on a video call or a vital document is currently with a proof-reader ahead of publication, management software allows everyone with access to keep track of and tabs on every little part of a task. Those of us who love to organise can get as detailed as they like, and a quick glance can help soothe those nerves for the worriers among us.

It works for every kind of business

Management software can be a tremendous help no matter what sector you’re working in. Anyone who has launched a small business start-up will tell you that management software can be a helpful instructional tool in addition to all the services it provides, showing them business owners where they need additional help and expertise. For bigger businesses, it is invaluable to keeping track of individual teams (and team members) without losing sight of the bigger picture. But it’s not just about start-ups or huge firms. GPs and medical practices are finding that it is a tremendous addition to their medical software, especially in these increasingly difficult times. Instead of drowning in admin and paperwork, these practises are finding ways to be more efficient and spend more time helping patients with the help of companies like MedicalDirector. No matter what your business is, any help streamlining workflows makes a huge difference. 

It can help you improve budget and time management

One of the main worries when it comes to managing a team that is working remotely is making sure that everyone is making the best use of their time. Poor communication can lead to colleagues sitting twiddling their thumbs while they wait for the latest version of a file or that report which will tell them which task to jump on next, and before you know it, a crucial afternoon has been frittered away. Management software will allow you and your colleagues to own and share a clear, comprehensible schedule to help to make sure that no one is waiting around unnecessarily. You’ll know who’s available for a meeting, who can take on that extra chunk of work that’s just come in, and whether that appointment needs to be rescheduled.

But it’s not just about time. Management software is an invaluable tool for helping you to manage your budget through the months and years ahead. The right programme can provide detailed reporting at every stage, helping you to see how your planned spend contrasts with the reality, and showing you where you have more breathing room and where you need to cut.

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