Corona Pandemic; many will reflect how they intend to live in the aftermath.

In business and franchising, there's a huge amount of choice when it comes to considering being your own boss.

Corona Pandemic; many will reflect how they intend to live in the aftermath.

In business and franchising, there’s a huge amount of choice when it comes to considering being your own boss.  What motivates you will clearly help narrow that choice down. Do you have a real passion or unique skill that you’d like to include in your business, is your motivation financial success or are you motivated by being first-to-market with an idea that offers something new?

Operating a business can be demanding, as well as rewarding so it is important to identify why you want to open your own business. This is especially crucial when, having opened the doors of your business, you find yourself working long hours for what initially appears as little in return.  Having written down goals and reviewing regularly, as well as know your why, will help you during the establishment of your new business. Opening a business via franchising increases your chances of success significantly.

The great thing about opening a business with the aid of a franchisor is that they have already done it themselves. They have also helped many others, before you, successfully open their businesses too. By following a proven model; you can ‘smooth out’ the challenges that face all new business owners. Such things as landlord negotiations, raising finance, budgeting, sales, marketing, staff recruitment…….and on and on.

Bodystreet are one such franchisor that has helped people open and operate successful fitness studios. Bodystreet operates in the fitness industry but, from a very different angle to most in this sector. Our business incorporates whole body workout training using EMS; a highly time efficient method of training and exercising. EMS, electro muscle stimulation, is a technology that uses natural impulses to make the muscles work harder. Clients are typically time poor, gym-phobic or unmotivated. Our 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 weekly 20-minute workout programmes deliver the same exercise value as three one-hour workouts in a gym – it’s the most time efficient method there is. Because every workout is supervised by a Bodystreet trainer the workout is tailored specifically for each client’s needs and targets.  Reduced back-pain, weight and fat loss, cellulite reduction, muscle building and toning are just some of the benefits our clients have gained through a weekly workout at Bodystreet. 

Bodystreet operates twelve of their own studios in three countries, they also have helped, as a franchisor, several hundred franchisees open and operate their own fitness studios too. Starting in 2007 in Munich Germany, Bodystreet began franchising in 2009. There are now over 300 studios in 6 countries including 9 studios here in the UK, and more opening shortly.  A Bodystreet studio operates out of small high street and secondary high street locations of between 400 – 800 ft2, staffing levels and running costs are small too.

So why should you consider Bodystreet as a business for you?

The Corona virus pandemic has illustrated vividly that there is a pressing need to improve personal health and wellbeing. We believe that there will be greater emphasis on personal responsibility for good health and fitness including eating better, exercising more, being aware of our personal space and hygiene levels. Bodystreet has always operated a business that focuses on personal not group training. We provide great diet and nutrition advice for our clients and our German heritage ensures that we have very high standards when it comes to hygiene and efficiency. As we come out of lockdown, people will seek the knowledge they need to live improved lifestyle and we believe Bodystreet is well placed to meet this need.

To be considered as a suitable franchisee you will need to have a keen interest in sport, fitness, wellness or health and want to help others achieve their fitness goals. You will need to have had some experience and success in sales, marketing, customer service or been a previous business owner. You will also need to be hands-on in your business; whilst not necessarily delivering the training you must be willing to do so. Bodystreet will provide you with all of the training you will need to help you through every stage of your business.

If you think you would like to be your own boss, run your own business and see the fitness industry as somewhere you would flourish please get in touch with Bodystreet. Ask about our initial information pack and arrange a call to discuss your interest and suitability.

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