Franchise Local

Established in 2016, Franchise Local has grown substantially over the years to compete with the best.

Our aim is to make things simple and enjoyable for our users who are looking for their perfect franchise opportunity. With 100’s of opportunities available from a wide range of industry sectors, you can be sure to find something of interest within our easy to use directory.

Franchise Local was conceived out of the knowledge that business owners live in houses somewhere. It, therefore, must also be true that budding business owners, potential entrepreneurs and individuals wishing to acquire a franchise opportunity will also live in houses across the UK.

Based on this knowledge, Franchise Local doesn’t simply rely on attracting subscribers to its listings through the usual online advertising methods, we also actively promote our site directly to householders using leaflets delivered by Dor-2-Dor, the UK’s premier and rapidly growing leaflet distribution network.

So if you are looking to recruit new franchisees, or looking to find your perfect franchise opportunity, we can be sure to help. Make your franchise experience as enjoyable as possible by visiting us at