Trustist helps franchises by aggregating reviews from all platforms into one easy-to-understand rating

Trustist helps franchises by aggregating reviews from all platforms into one easy-to-understand rating, leading to Trustist becoming one of the most widely-used review platforms in the franchise industry – in fact, 22% of the 2023 Elite Franchise Top 100 use Trustist Reviews!

The platform is designed to be straightforward, providing a solution for easy collection and management of reviews. Through Trustist, businesses can expect to get:

  • More traffic to their websites via the stars in natural search results – this means more sales too!
  • By adding reviews to their website conversion rates of vistors to their sites doubles.
  • More reviews with Trustist’s easy-to-use review collection tools.

Franchisors can also benefit from Franchise Recruitment accounts to help them use their reviews to recruit new members of their network!


TrustistTransfer is a solution that uses Open Banking to allow merchants to make completely secure transactions, save money on fees and save time spent on administration!  It’s not card payments, it’s Bank Account to Bank Account (A2A) face-to-face commerce.

With TrustistTransfer, there’s no need for card machines or the sending of confidential details to customers – it all works from your phone!  It pulls the payment in rather than getting your customer to set up a new payee and then sending the money that way.

Merchants benefit from:

  • Saving money with transaction fees up to 90%+ less than card payments.
  • Keeping their business safe with 0% risk of chargebacks.
  • A streamlined process, reduced admin time and immediate settlement freeing up cashflow.


TrustistEcommerce is a totally secure ecommerce payments platform using A2A instant bank transfers.

Similar to TrustistTransfer, this checkout solution allows ecommerce businesses to take hassle-free payments from customers without the need to exchange bank details or enter card information.

Making it easier for customers = a higher chance of repeat business!


myTiptApp is a standalone tip collection Progressive Web App which can be integrated with TrustistTransfer.  Imagine 20 people working in a restaurant.  Ten waiting staff, 5 bar staff and 5 kitchen staff.  The waiting staff collect tips or service charges as the night progresses. As it approaches closing time the last payment and tip is taken for the night.  Immediately all the tips are swept in to the restaurants main account and a few seconds later distributed to all 20 virtual bank accounts in equal amounts.  Another sweep distributes the funds automatically to their real-world bank accounts so they’re free to go and have a drink that night using the tips they received only minutes before