The Digital Fitness Explosion of 2020

During these unprecedented times, we are all adapting to the global health threat and pulling together to flatten the curve.

The Digital Fitness Explosion of 2020

State of the industry

During these unprecedented times, we are all adapting to the global health threat and pulling together to flatten the curve.

It’s fascinating to observe human behaviour during these times as fear of the unknown taps into survival instincts that are normally buried in the safety and convenience of normal life. As the focus shifts to the controllable aspects of our lives; our priorities (in our jobs, our families and health) we find new ways to conduct our day to day.

These priorities are routed in our basic needs, which include our physiological needs. Heightened awareness of these needs and more free time have created a surge in fitness industry interest.

Hierarchy of needs

The leisure industry report 2019 revealed that the penetration rate of the population who have a gym membership in the UK was 15.6%. That’s about 1 in 7 people and we expect to see this grow. This month, a single online exercise session with Joe Wicks achieved more than 2.3 million views with 800,000 families tuned in live. More than ever people are engaging in live, online and home workouts, giving us the strong indication that this will lead to an influx of gym memberships at the end of social distancing, when these newcomers need a gym and community to continue and improve their new habits & goals.

Another indicator on the trend is that major retailers across the UK have sold out of exercise equipment showing a huge demand and peak in interest.

This is the first time the growing gym industry will be put on pause in a decade, so what are the secrets to survival in the franchise / independently owned market? We give you an insight into the Anytime Fitness model and their secrets to thriving during and after a strenuous pause.

  1. Small Business Relief

Unlike corporate entities, Anytime Fitness is a network of 165+ small businesses and the franchisees are able to access small business relief offered by the government accordingly.

  1. The benefits of the global network

As a proven business model across the UK and globally, their strong relationships with finance partners and suppliers gives them the ability to work together on the best terms during these tough times, giving strength and support in numbers.

  1. Community

Anytime Fitness is uniquely positioned in the mid-market. Unlike budget and premium fitness facilities they don’t require huge quantities of members for the model to thrive. The communities each gym builds are personal, and goal driven to ensure members get results. This is all part of the Care, Coach & Connect mentality for which members are immersed in.

  1. Industry opportunity

As well as the industry surge predicted Anytime Fitness has access to fantastic opportunities through new revenue streams, new partnerships and new locations during this time. Anytime Fitness property partners CBRE give their thoughts:

“With their true flexibility in terms of asset type,
positioning and layout, Anytime Fitness are ideally placed to take advantage of
the inevitable rise in new site opportunities which will present themselves
over the coming months.

January and February have seen real momentum in building
a strong pipeline for 2020. Despite the obvious issues caused by COVID-19, CBRE
have been impressed and encouraged by the positivity of Anytime franchise
partners in their determination to carry on regardless, completing deals and
seeking new property introductions.

The overwhelming message from the dedicated Anytime
Fitness property team at CBRE is that business continues and we are certain
that when we all emerge from the current situation, Anytime Fitness will be
best placed to react quickly and to secure a plethora of new sites.”

  1. Adaptability

With an unrivalled Support team of industry experts on hand for franchisees, Anytime Fitness have rolled out an online timetable of workouts delivered by Marvin Burton, Head of Product, and supported by the award-winning Digital Marketing team. The member App provides coaching with 1000’s of workouts & fitness plans at the fingertips of members. Here are Marvin’s thoughts:

“During a time when more people are at home and
looking to protect their health and wellbeing, we hope that Coach, Care, Connect
can add an informative and dynamic new aspect to their daily routine. At
Anytime Fitness, our ethos is to provide that supporting hand to anyone on
their healthy journey, just because our gyms are closed this hasn’t changed,
and we are delighted to provide an easily accessible way for our customers to
receive expert tuition and get the guidance they need to help them stay on top
of their fitness goals.”

View our free workouts & Q&As: Click Here

The ideal time to launch a gym will be late 2020 early 2021, Anytime Fitness are open to receive applications for new franchisees now to take advantage of the lower investment opportunities coming our way in UK and in particular the commercial property market. A great way to find out more will be to join the Discovery Webinar, Saturday April 18th   10am – 11:30am. Book Discovery Webinar

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