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Celebrating three years of kids coding in the UK

Written by Grant Smith on Sunday, 03 April 2022. Posted in Franchise Diaries

With the use of technology firmly cementing itself as an imperative part of our lives, we are currently playing a key role in raising the first fully tech-immersed generation of children.

Celebrating three years of kids coding in the UK

With the use of technology firmly cementing itself as an imperative part of our lives, we are currently playing a key role in raising the first fully tech-immersed generation of children. And as COVID leaves its footprint on our reliance on the digital world, the expansion of Code Ninjas, the coding franchise for kids, has never been timelier. Whether through gaming, robotics, devices or simply a piqued interest in the endless possibilities of technology, Grant Smith, VP of Education at Code Ninjas, believes this growing cohort of Code Ninjas students in the UK is a sample of the many children becoming more seriously invested in the technology they consume.

Despite the positive impact the ongoing evolution of coding has had on STEM education (science, technology, engineering and maths) for children, the pandemic has forced us to move on from the binary outlook that a substantial and well-rounded learning experience in coding benefits them only academically. Code Ninjas’ unique curriculum has enabled children to be introduced to the exciting world of technology through creative outputs, which sees equally positive benefits on their cooperative and social skills, as well as their imaginations. By opening our doors to the concept that anyone can introduce children to the world of coding, we proudly welcome out-of-the-box thinkers and even artists into our network. And with the technology industry evolving and being reimagined on a daily basis, why shouldn’t coding be considered a form of art? 

It is for this reason that, as we look back at the last three years the Code Ninjas franchise being established in the UK, we are able to celebrate our continued expansion to places previously untouched by such opportunities for children. With pioneers of online platforms on an international scale and even previous circus performers contributing to the evolution of our own brand, the diversity within our international community is what we are most proud of. 

One such location that is leading the way in inspiring children in previously unexplored locations is Code Ninjas Edinburgh. As the first Code Ninjas franchise to venture north of the border, our Edinburgh territory has demonstrated the need for such opportunities for children, especially in a city that sits proudly as one of the top nine tech cities in the UK1. With the opening of Code Ninjas Edinburgh looking to be the start of an exciting tech revolution in Scotland’s youth, Code Ninjas is excited to be expanding in Edinburgh - and nearby Livingston - as well as now being available in the Glasgow area, which has all taken place within just six months. 

But it is not just Scotland where we are opening the door for children to express themselves in a safe, fun and creative environment for the first time. Code Ninjas is looking to the future and identifying where the demand is continuing to increase as a result of the pandemic. As one of the fastest-growing tech cities in the UK2, Code Ninjas Cardiff has affirmed our mission to become more widely available in places where the demand is continuing to grow for children to explore their creative sparks with technology and through other exciting ways. 

As a responsible, inspiring and high-quality service provider for children around the world, it is this period of expansion that has confirmed to us why Code Ninjas is more important than ever. As parents, teachers, guardians and businesspeople, we all know how significant the role of technology is in our lives. Continuing to open doors for children in order to turn what they already know into a transformative, inspiring adventure will lead to a bright future not only for the technology industry, but potentially every industry around the globe.

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Grant Smith

Grant Smith

Grant Smith is VP of Education of kids coding specialist Code Ninjas. At locations across the UK, Canada and the US, kids learn to code in a fun, safe and inspiring learning environment. With a game-based curriculum, kids love to learn and parents clearly see results. 

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