Navigating marketing challenges: A franchisee’s guide

Unravel the fears of marketing as a new franchisee and discover the path to success in growing your business

Navigating marketing challenges: A franchisee's guide

Launching a new franchise business is always filled with excitement and undoubtedly a decent amount of nervousness. You’ve gone through the training, everything is set up and ready to go. Your franchisor has impressed up on you to follow the model. But amidst the excitement of franchise business ownership still lies the challenge to create success. It’s that word ‘marketing’. For many new franchisees, this area of business seems complex. They feel poorly prepared to fully understand why actions will create desired results. Yet, within this process lies the key to sustainable growth.

Marketing, with its diverse strategies encompassing digital and traditional approaches, requires a depth of understanding that new franchisees often lack. Without prior exposure, understanding the nuances and intricacies of effective marketing becomes a huge task.

To mitigate this challenge, franchisors must invest in training programs that equip franchisees with the requisite marketing knowledge. Workshops, online courses, and mentorship opportunities can bridge the gap, empowering franchisees not only to understand why they are being asked to carry out certain activities but also to be able to make informed decisions and execute impactful marketing strategies. Very often franchisees are simply told to follow the marketing instructions without them fully understanding the technical reasoning behind the request. Much of the success derived from marketing is from an understanding of consumer behaviour and their reaction to marketing messages and activities.

Marketing is not a stagnant discipline; it evolves with technological advancements and shifting consumer behaviour’s. This dynamism can overwhelm new franchisees, leaving them feeling adrift in a sea of constant change.

Addressing this by providing ongoing support and resources, franchisors can help franchisees stay abreast of trends. Regular updates, access to publications, and networking opportunities facilitate continuous learning, enabling franchisees to adapt their strategies effectively.

Franchisors should emphasize the significance of market research and audience behaviour to franchisees. By conducting thorough analyses and developing buyer personas, franchisees can tailor their marketing messages to resonate with their target demographic, enhancing the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Financial limitations and a scarcity of human resources can hinder the implementation of robust marketing strategies. To cut costs, some franchisees may opt for DIY marketing solutions, sacrificing quality for affordability. By leveraging the collective resources of the franchise network, franchisees can stretch their marketing budgets further and achieve greater impact.

Data-driven decision-making is imperative in marketing. However, many new franchisees will overlook the value of analytics, very often citing their business is too small to create meaningful analysis. Without insights derived from even the smallest data set, franchisees struggle to assess the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives. This very often leads to uninformed decision making and wasted financial resources.

Ensuring new franchisees are trained on the importance of data analysis and provided access to analytics tools and training by the franchisor will help lead to success. By leveraging data to measure track campaign outcomes, franchisees can optimize their marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Instant gratification means patience is a scarce commodity. However, effective marketing strategies require time to yield tangible results. Franchisees must resist the urge to pivot prematurely and instead commit to a long-term approach. Its extremely important for new franchisees to immerse themselves in the theory of marketing campaigns and how the human mind and buying processes work. Giving up too early because of few or no direct enquiries from a particular activity can very often result in slow or no growth.

With the continual growth of digital marketing channels, some franchisees may overlook the value of traditional marketing methods. Local networking, event participation, and offline collateral distribution are often dismissed in favour of online alternatives, perceived as more convenient. This is probably the biggest mistake a new franchisee can make. Local community is as relevant as it ever was. The great thing is that it hugely complements online marketing and strengthens the opportunity to generate more enquiries.

By diversifying their marketing mix, franchisees can reach a broader audience and enhance their overall lead generation efforts.

Wearing the hat of Marketing Manager, new franchisees face a challenge of understanding the complexities and nuances of successful marketing. Yet, within it lies sustainable business growth. A commitment to learning, patience, a willingness to seek guidance, franchisees can build success. With support structures in place and a dedication to ongoing education, franchisors can empower their franchisees to conquer the challenges of marketing, ensuring a path to growth and profitability.

Tim Morris
Tim Morris