Are you ready to become a Champion in Fire and Security?

Our leadership in the fire and security industry is built on strong relationships with our employees, our branches and a vast network of supporting partners

Are you ready to become a Champion in Fire and Security

At Jackson Fire and Security, It’s All About People

We believe that people are at the heart of everything we do. Our leadership in the fire and security industry is built on strong relationships with our employees, our branches and a vast network of supporting partners. This allows us to deliver cutting-edge fire safety and security solutions to all sizes and types of businesses.

Our mission goes beyond enhancing fire safety and security or increasing profit margins, it’s about building deep connections within communities and partnerships with customers, making a meaningful impact. Our purpose is to create a safer world while fostering relationships that last a lifetime.

Giving Back:

We encourage our Franchisees to support their communities, whether that’s sponsoring a local community sports team, an awards event or something that reaches further than the local community but still unites it.

How? Well for a start there’s:

  • Pride of Barnsley – Community Hero Award Winner. The world was appalled by the invasion of Ukraine, Our Sheffield franchisee, Henryk decided not to wait for others to act. He galvanised the entire town into action – arranging the shipment of lorry loads of aid to Poland and then on to the Ukraine.
  • Partnership with Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes. Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes (MCBB) is a non-profit making charity that provides support for the NHS by carrying urgently required blood, medicines, samples and human breast milk between hospitals, clinics and laboratories across the Merseyside and Cheshire region. Support and donations from Jackson Fire and Security Wirral enables the  team at MCBB keep running and provide this valuable service.
  • Shooting Stars Children Hospices. Shooting Star Children’s Hospices are a leading children’s hospice charity supporting over 700 children with life-limiting conditions, and their families, throughout Surrey and across 14 boroughs of London. Our Kingston franchisee supports the hospice with free maintenance of there fire alarm system during such a difficult financial time for the hospice.
  • Sponsorship of para karate athlete. Jackson Fire & Security sponsor para-karate athlete Joseph Clifton. The exciting young para-karate won GOLD at the 10th Commonwealth Karate Championships which took place in Birmingham in September 2022.  Martin our Kingston Franchisee was looking into local sports sponsorship opportunities and came across Joseph’s story. He felt Joseph was the perfect role model for anyone looking to get involved with a sport they enjoy at a local level and that this was a great opportunity as a business to show support. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg we are a foster friendly employer and not to mention the numerous sports teams we support including youth, womens and mens football at all levels. Throw in to the mix Rugby and our support to organisations such as The Scouts – Community really is important to us. 

Unmatched Customer Connection

Our customers receive the reliability and personal attention that comes with being part of Jackson Fire and Security. We provide a local, dedicated point of contact, committed to going above and beyond, building trust and fostering long-term relationships. Our active involvement in community support further strengthens these bonds, creating a unique and deeply connected network.

At Jackson Fire and Security, we empower our branches to succeed by building a strong sense of community. We offer unwavering support at every stage of our partnership, ensuring you’re never alone in your business journey. Our culture of mutual encouragement and shared solutions makes us stronger together.

Discover the Jackson Fire and Security Difference

Imagine being part of a network that not only prioritises safety but also makes a profound impact on communities, making lives better for everyone. Imagine running a successful business with the support of a dedicated team, branches and like-minded individuals. The Jackson Fire and Security franchise opportunity offers all this and more.

Are you ready to learn more about how you can be part of something bigger and meaningful? Explore the possibilities with Jackson Fire and Security and discover how you can make a difference whilst building a thriving business.

Ready to take the next step? Your journey to making a meaningful impact starts here. Contact us today to learn more.

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