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Tutor Doctor brings in new batch of franchisees as network size doubles

Written by Angus Shaw on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. Posted in Franchise

With exam season upon the nation, Tutor Doctor, the education franchise, is up for the test with a timely expansion

Tutor Doctor brings in new batch of franchisees as network size doubles

Given recent teacher strikes and a hike in tuition fees, it seems students are facing an uphill battle with their education more than ever before. So it would appear there’s no better time for tutor franchises with good intentions to come to the rescue.

Having doubled its UK network over the past five years, Tutor Doctor has seen six entrepreneurs begin franchising in the past two months alone. Hailing from Bromley to Bristol, the new faces plan to embed themselves within their respective communities to serve their study-conscious clients.

With a scalable business model, Tutor Doctor has attracted all walks of life to its ethos of personal satisfaction combined with financial rewards, which has led to 500 franchises across 16 countries, with the UK leading the charge as the fastest-growing market. Offering his thoughts on joining Tutor Doctor as a franchisee, Matt Fowler said: “You don’t have to choose between making a profit and making a difference with this business, you can do both. I’ve created an internal vision to support 1,500 students by the end of 2021 – yes it’s ambitious, but why be anything else?”

According to Tutor Doctor’s Tim Morris, director of global franchise support, said that that business has already been off to a promising start this year.  In addition to the scale and franchisee recruitment, the company has released new branding, a book and an online learning service, Morris has called “revolutionary”.  He believes that by enhancing the franchise with such developments, franchisees only stand to benefit.

With exam season underway we expect the new franchisees of Tutor Doctor are up to their eyes in papers, but it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge as they clearly received full marks from the franchise in order to become part of the ever-expanding network. 

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