Celebrating excellence: InXpress marks 25 years of achievements and innovation

From humble beginnings to global recognition

Celebrating excellence - InXpress marks 25 years of achievements and innovation

InXpress has a lot to celebrate right now—not just its 25th anniversary, but the accolades that have been awarded recently. As a frontrunner in the logistics and shipping industry, InXpress has continually demonstrated exceptional service and innovation, earning it a prestigious spot in the Elite Franchise Top 100 list at number six. Furthermore, it secured the bronze medal out of 923 brands in the BFA’s Franchisor of the Year Award and was highly commended in the Best White-Collar category at the Global Franchise Awards.

What’s the secret to InXpress’s success?

Shipping expertise and customer support

So, what does InXpress do to win all this praise? Essentially, it’s a shipping expert, big on customer support, that also provides software specifically designed for logistics. In an era of e-commerce and global trade, that’s a sensible business to be in. While it makes good sense to ship items efficiently and economically, many companies don’t have the knowledge or the time to master the process for themselves. Here’s where InXpress distinguishes itself from independent couriers and one-size-fits-all software providers. 

Its network of shipping specialists keeps an eye on how these goods are moving. They’re always ready to step in, offer advice, or handle issues on a customer’s behalf. 

Every four seconds, someone ships a parcel through InXpress. 

Why are customers so loyal to them? Mainly because they go above and beyond to ensure their service is unbeatable.

Global expansion and impact

Since its founding in the UK in 1999, InXpress has replicated this winning strategy internationally. It now has more than 450 franchisees across 14 countries, with a global system revenue that exceeds $310 million. Its mission is to provide unbeatable software and customer support, using industry knowledge and reach. What’s more, with thousands of customers worldwide, its robust yet flexible business model enables franchisees to fulfil their business dreams.

Support for franchisees

A new franchisee can be confident they’re in the right hands. Given its successful history, InXpress has both the facilities and the know-how to train and support them in running a sales and business management franchise. InXpress’s commitment to its franchisees is evident in its comprehensive training programs, ongoing support, and a business model designed to ensure success.

Commitment to community and charity

In addition to its business achievements, InXpress places a huge emphasis on giving back to those less fortunate. Over the years, it has raised thousands of pounds for charities and supported people in need. Whether they’re transforming gardens or making crafts for community centres to sell, its volunteers have devoted hundreds of hours to good causes. This dedication to community service not only reflects the company’s values but also strengthens its bond with customers and franchisees alike.

Looking ahead

As InXpress continues to innovate and expand, it remains committed to excellence in service, support for its franchisees, and making a positive impact on the community. With a quarter-century of success behind it and a promising future ahead, InXpress is a shining example of what dedication, innovation, and a strong sense of community can achieve.

There’s a lot more to discover and that’s why here at Elite Franchise, we’ve created a supplement so you can find out more about this remarkable enterprise.

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