Five ways technology can help gym members stay happier and healthier for longer

Leading gym franchise Snap Fitness provides their insight into how the right technology can drive revenue after levelling up its app and the digital experience for its members

Five ways technology can help gym members stay happier

The fitness industry is one of the most rapidly evolving industries in the world. The emergence of new technology, hybrid working and the influence of social media have all contributed to a significant change in both consumer expectations and workout habits.

With over 1,000 gyms worldwide and a network of engaged franchisees to support, Snap Fitness must work closely with its partners and teams to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the competition.

Following a recent update to its free member app, Snap App, Kristen Horler, Head of Sales at Lift Brands EMEA, has shared the top five ways how the right technology can make a healthy difference to both its members lives and its clubs’ revenue.

Inspiring your members outside of the four walls of your gym 

A successful gym must now have the right technology to positively impact the lives of its members both inside and outside of the gym, providing access to support, content and guidance whenever they need it. We live in a world where people want access to everything at their fingertips so a self-serving app is vital.

Increasing retention

Fitness apps continue to be hugely popular, with close to 14 million downloads of mobile fitness and workout apps in January 2024[1]. This shows that while bricks and mortar gym facilities will always have their place, consumers want a balance of a physical and digital fitness experience from their gym. Being able to provide both is a great way to increase retention and add value to your members, while increasing their lifetime value.

Introducing gamification to make exercise fun

The emergence of gamification is everywhere to see – competitive leisure businesses such as Flight Club, Sixes Cricket and Top Golf thrive on people’s competitive nature and are surging in popularity. Fitness is no different and there are more ways than ever to add a competitive element to exercise. Strava is a household name among runners and cyclists but within a gym environment, Myzone is leading the way. If your gym is a Myzone facility, users of Myzone can see their effort levels and heart rate in real time on screens around the gym. This gives group exercise classes a fun and inclusive competitive edge and encourages you to push that extra bit more!

Incentivising exercise

Sometimes we all need that extra incentive to get to the gym and having the technology to do this is a huge win for members. A selection of our UK & Ireland Snap Fitness locations have introduced the ‘Earn with Apple Watch’ programme which rewards members with credit back on their membership for completing the rings on their Apple Watch and racking up gym visits. Having this reward available is a subtle but effective way to motivate members and encourage them to use the gym and reap the benefits of exercise more often.

Staying connected

The more user intuitive technology you have available, the more ways you can stay connected with your members. Whether it’s sharing a simple push notification about a new class or introducing a fun in-gym challenge, keeping your members connected and informed is the best way to create an engaged membership community.

Andy Swales
Andy Swales