Natalia Bednarz, LCUK Camden Clinic Owner – On her experience, rising from LCUK Therapist to LCUK Clinic Owner

We are often asked by Therapists, what does a career pathway look like at Laser Clinics? We sat down with one of our latest new owners, in North London, to shine the light on rising star owner, Natalia Bednarz

Natalia Bednarz, LCUK Camden Clinic Owner

How did you get into Aesthetics?

After experiencing Eczema as a teenager, I’ve always had a curious interest in skin biology. In 2013 I bought a 1-way ticket from Poland to The United Kingdom. My priority was learning English. I then enrolled in NVQ Level 3 Beauty and Qualified to do Advanced Laser training Level 4. 

What inspires you to work in Aesthetics as a career?

I have a passion for learning and it’s an industry that continues to develop and innovate. This is the core of my practice and what I value most as a skin professional. 

Why Laser Clinics? 

In 2019 I was excited to see Laser Clinics expand in the UK and joined LCUK Ealing. After 2 years, an opportunity presented for me to develop my leadership skills and join LCUK Putney as an Assistant Manager. I credit working in 2 high-performing clinics, under great leadership fast-tracked my business skills, exposed me to a diverse mix of patients and skin concerns. It also gave me confidence watching these clinics’ success, that I too could Manage one day. 

How did you become an Owner/ Manager?

Owning my own clinic has been a childhood dream. It didn’t happen by chance. Since immigrating to the UK 9 years ago, securing a role in an international aesthetic chain has made my dream a reality.  

Working in the business and transitioning to become an owner, with the support of the business model, made the decision easy to say yes! 

Career tips for aspirational Therapists? 

I credit self-belief, hard work, and continuing to educate – this is what drives me. I knew this dream would happen one day. And my leadership mantra, ‘my staff don’t work for me, we work together.

If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity in a high-growth industry with an award-winning brand beside you, we look forward to welcoming you to the Laser Clinics family.

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