The Learning Curve

School Closures; University Lockdowns; Loss of jobs; All forms of daily structure went out of the window as we Home-Schooled in between work calls and the then very novel Zoom Meetings...

The Learning Curve

School Closures; University Lockdowns; Loss of jobs; All forms of daily structure went out of the window as we Home-Schooled in between work calls and the then very novel Zoom Meetings…where would we have been without the WhatsApp groups set up by desperate Mums and Dads by way of support as we all faced a collective although very individual set of Home-schooling dramas! One thing we did appreciate…Teachers! How did we cope?

To look back on this and see how opportunity was created at a time where there was more cloud than silver lining, is testament to us all. The opportunities that arose from this unprecedented moment in history. The gap that was unarguably created in our children’s education has well and truly been filled and is now overflowing by the vast increase of Education and Tuition based businesses available to us, be it online or in person. Thankfully the negative affect of Covid19 on education is starting to become a distant memory and we can now concentrate on the positives.

There are a number of advantages to both online and offline teaching and learning, and the wealth of topics you can access is far greater than any school syllabus; learning can be accessed in real time, from anywhere in the world; students are more engaged than in traditional mode, weaker students choose their own pace, there is a greater opportunity for self-study and from a teacher perspective, the demand has never been greater. Teachers have the ability to adopt new technology and ways of teaching alongside all of this when you’re online. Offline, you’re more hands-on with Football & Rugby lessons for example, Drama as well as Dance and various other forms of exercise and outdoor activities, something we’d longed for so much throughout Lockdown. The by-product, parents were prepared to pay for this level of education creating a more commercial angle to what had been predominantly free.

The pandemic had created a need for Education and Tuition based businesses; demand created the need to upscale these businesses quickly, consistently and due to the economic climate, risk free. Franchise Business and although Franchise growth is expected to stabilise in 2023, the last year has seen a growth of 2.2% to reach a total of 792,014 franchise establishments: 17,000 more than in 2021. With the pandemic introducing the furlough scheme and a number of redundancy pay-outs, becoming a Franchisee was even more attractive and as teaching is dependent on personal qualities and characteristics this has always been an area that has benefited from teachers possessing a variety of skillsets making it the perfect match for many. Franchisees do not need to have any specific qualifications or experience, just a passion for the sector they choose to teach.

Franchise Businesses, as their businesses grow, will naturally see themselves paying more VAT. But what some aren’t aware of is that there is a VAT exemption available to the Education and Tuition sector when structured in the correct way. There are two sets of criteria that need to be met, one is based on the subject you teach and the second is how your business is set up. More Franchisors are going down the route of switching over to this approach and d&t, as the number one go-to for Franchise Business, is finding Franchisors entrusting us in helping not only the Franchise itself go through this transition but all of their franchisee network too.

A subject ordinarily taught in school can be exempt from VAT when structured in the correct way. 

Should you be interested in finding out whether the Exemption applies to your business or perhaps you have been considering the switch yourself, then let us support you through your journey. Set up an informal meeting with one of our experts by emailing [email protected] or calling 01793 741600. This also applies to schools who are looking to go down the route of becoming an Academy.

Phil Archer
Phil Archer