Why finding the “right fit” is essential in franchise recruitment

Franchisee recruitment involves more than just the financial investment. You need the right fit in terms of motivation, personality and long-term vision.

Why finding the “right fit” is essential in franchise recruitment

There’s a common misconception that quantity trumps quality in franchise recruitment. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve seen many franchisors cast the franchisee recruitment net far and wide to get hundreds of leads only to discover that none of them are actually suitable. With this in mind, I’d like to explore why finding the “right fit” is essential in franchise recruitment and how you should approach this goal strategically.

Practically every franchisor is engaging in some form of business expansion. This means there’s a need to recruit the right franchisees. Often, what many franchise owners do is to create an unsuccessful lead generation process. However, because it is not selective enough, this results in unsuitable candidates as well as a waste of time and resources. These are just some of the reasons why finding the right fit is so important. But how do you achieve the goal of best-matched franchisee recruitment? Here are a few tried and tested strategies to consider:

Identify your ideal candidate with clarity and precision

There’s an old saying that goes: if you’re trying to market to everyone, you end up selling to no one. This is very true in franchise recruitment. And it is the reason why having an ideal franchisee persona is so important. Developing this persona will help you figure out who you are selling to. But also, having a well-defined ideal buyer avatar will also guide your lead generation process. This means that when you know your ideal franchisee’s financial position, previous experience, skills, pain points and motivations, etc., you will also know through which channels you should target your marketing efforts.

Create a prospectus that showcases your brand and shaves off unsuitable candidates

You should then send prospective franchisees a prospectus about your franchise opportunity. In it, you need to outline your franchise’s vision, mission and objectives while also outlining the financial requirements and personal attributes that you are looking for. Through this process, you’ll be better able to filter out suitable candidates as those whose values don’t align with your own brand’s will be quite apparent. Remember: you are not merely looking for a franchisee who can afford the franchise fee. You want the right personality that is defined by grit, exceptional customer service, perseverance and dedication to your brand.

Carry out applicant screening to filter the right candidates better

Your very next step is to filter the results. Not every candidate with the right finances is suitable. Sometimes, the money is not the problem but the attitude or personality is. For example, your candidate might have the funds but their vision and expectations may not align with yours. Since brand consistency is key, you need team players on your side to ensure your franchise network is strengthened. For this purpose, you could use behavioural assessment tools that help you determine the prospective franchisee’s motivations, personality, working style, etc.

Hold several interviews to refine your franchisee recruitment process further

After this, you need to hold several interviews to refine your franchise recruitment process further. These interviews are the perfect opportunity to identify any red flags. For example, a franchisee that constantly asks if something in your processes has to be done a certain way will most likely not be committed to following your procedures to the “T” but will be looking to make changes, which can affect your entire franchise offering and other franchisees in your network.

Have an open day to educate and sift through your options more strategically

It’s time to put the prospective franchisee to the test by inviting them to an open day where they can really immerse themselves in your franchise business. Let them work a day-in-the-life-of one of your franchisees to see how they hold themselves up in a real-world environment. This is your perfect opportunity to test their skills, motivations and interest in pursuing your franchise opportunity.

The bottom line

Choosing the right franchisee is not as easy or as straightforward as it may seem. If this is an area you’re still struggling with, perhaps it’s time to reach out to someone that has vast experience in franchise recruitment. Finding that perfect fit doesn’t have to be a challenging process. It can be as easy as 1-2-3 when approached from the right angle and with the right strategy. For more information on finding the right fit for your franchise, please refer to my book “Franchise Fame: An insider’s marketing guide to incremental growth and soaring success for franchisors” available on Amazon.

Dani Peleva
Dani Peleva