Why sprucing up your franchise is as important as sprucing up your home

With Spring well underway, what better time to dust off the winter season, take stock and reflect on your business with the same refreshed outlook as you would for your home.

Why sprucing up your franchise is as important as sprucing up your home

It’s believed that we spend roughly one third of our whole life working1. Considering this, it’s fair to say that your business and the time you spend working play significant roles in contributing to your overall happiness and wellbeing, both in and out of the workplace. So, as the weather gets nicer and with Spring well underway, what better time to dust off the winter season, take stock and reflect on your business with the same refreshed outlook as you would for your home? The pandemic has   shown us that satisfaction and comfort in the workplace has never been more important to people. So, as with all spring cleaning, decluttering and revitalising your business environment with a systematic and logical approach can ultimately have a hugely positive impact on those within your network. 

Through no fault of their own, stressful, unprecedented periods can often cause business owners to lose sight of their well-oiled operations. But considering work life and home life have very much become one in the same because of the pandemic, it is vital that the creases that may be showing from the last two years are ironed out. We all know how satisfying a spring clean can be, so taking this time to reinvigorate and streamline your business (as well as your home!) to move into the post-pandemic world will play a huge role in maintaining standards moving forward. 

Revisit your culture and values

Let’s start from the top. The core values and ethos of your franchise very much set the tone, from the day-to-day operations to how much your staff feel connected and dedicated to the brand. And as your franchise grows, it should become common practice to regularly revisit your values and equally ensure you still believe in what you are promising and delivering. Within this practice, it is a great opportunity to draw on the unique ideas and experiences of the professionals within your community, who may be able to bring in fresh ideas and attitudes to supplement the ones you already have in place. Don’t forget, as the world moves forward, so should your business. 

Set expectations

Similar to your culture and values, expectations play a key role in your brand and in the experience for those who contribute to its success. Maintaining high, consistent standards is vital to continued success and growth, but more importantly it keeps your franchise and franchisees from drifting away from the brand’s core mission and goals. Understanding the expectations you have set for your business puts everyone on the right foot, and keeping these expectations at the forefront of your activity will employ a sense of consistency and security in your employees. Ultimately, stepping back and making sure everyone believes in what you deliver will have a hugely positive impact on your customer experience, as being on the same page as a network is one of the first things a consumer notices about your services. 

Consider your priorities

In busy periods, it is almost too easy to get caught up and forget to give yourself and your employees the much-needed time to recoup and rejuvenate. Prioritising the wellbeing of those in your franchise, in tandem with your business goals, is a great way of keeping yourself and your business close to who make it so great. Similar to why the importance of your working environment has never been so prevalent, wellbeing and mental health should now be the top priority, and by ensuring everyone in your network is happy and healthy, sprucing up your franchise will feel even more rewarding. 

Learn from developments in your industry

Lastly, but certainly not least, learn from others! As painful as it may be for business and franchise owners, one of the best ways to spring clean in business is often by swallowing your pride. This might mean that you come to terms with a competitor doing something slightly more efficiently than you currently are, or you see something in the wider industry that inspires you. But by opening yourself up to new ways of operating certain aspects of your business, you could ultimately save a significant amount of time and money in the long run. Being prepared to absorb developments in the industry you operate in is the best way to stay current, and by being a ‘Chameleon’, you equip yourself with the best resources from all areas of your industry, the franchise industry and those who are already a part of your network. 

1Reference, 2020, What Percentage of Our Lives Are Spent Working?

Chris Wootton
Chris Wootton