Min. Investment Level: £36,000

Apollo Care

Apollo Care was started in 2011 by Cheryl White, who, after gaining experience with multiple care providers, recognised the inadequacy in the level of care provided. Determined to revolutionise the industry, she embarked on creating a new care model.

At Apollo Care, the primary focus revolves around genuine care, ensuring comfort and high-quality support for vulnerable adults within the familiarity of their homes. Apollo Care emphasises compassion, offering personalised attention and a nurturing environment tailored to individual needs.

What sets Apollo apart is its commitment to life transformation. Cheryl passionately advocates for each individual’s right to realise their potential fully. Apollo doesn’t just fulfill needs; it crafts personalised care plans aligned with personal aspirations and dreams, empowering individuals to thrive.

Joining the Apollo Care Family means aligning with a business that prioritises making a meaningful difference while ensuring profitability. The franchise strikes a unique balance between purpose and success, fostering a culture of compassion and entrepreneurship.

Choosing an Apollo Care franchise means embracing core values. The franchise goes beyond inspiring franchisees; it empowers them to take control of their lives, offering comprehensive support for growth and fulfillment.

The selection process for franchisees is rigorous, reflecting Apollo Care’s commitment to maintaining exceptional standards. By recruiting individuals who resonate with their values, Apollo Care ensures a network driven by excellence and solidarity.

Apollo Care embodies a philosophy where care isn’t merely a service but an ingrained ethos. For those seeking a purposeful journey in compassionate entrepreneurship, Apollo Care beckons.