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Min. Investment Level: £28,000

Aspray Limited

Aspray combines the best of the property and insurance industries. Manage insurance claims, secure payouts, and oversee restoration projects. 

It’s so rewarding rescuing property owners who need to claim on their insurance and restore their damaged properties. Working on their behalf, your business will assess the damage, manage the claim, secure the money, and oversee the restoration projects. 

With Aspray your business will have the market’s leading FCA accredited brand and multi-award- winning systems and support.  We’ve been doing this since 2005, are ‘Established’ members of the BFA (British Franchise Association) and have franchisees throughout the UK. There is still plenty of prime territory available – get in touch to find out more. 

Franchisees can grow their businesses at their chosen pace, with demand unaffected by the economy. The market potential in your large exclusive territory is simply vast!

With climate change causing major adverse weather across the UK, properties are becoming increasingly susceptible to damage. The result is a constant demand for Aspray’s services, from both commercial and residential property owners.  

Successful franchisees come from a wide and varied range of backgrounds. No experience in either property restoration or insurance is necessary, but you do need to be great at managing projects!

Start off small and scale up. Our top 8% of franchisees are currently turning over between £1M – £2.1M with a race on to be the first to smash £5M!

Please do get in touch to chat through your aspirations with one our team.