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At Belvoir, we’ve had a passion for helping people realise their property dreams for over 25 years. If you’re currently considering becoming a new franchisee, or looking to expand your current business, we imagine you might have feelings of both excitement and nervousness. It’s a big decision, but with the right support, you can soon be on your way to growing a successful and profitable business.

What can you expect with Belvoir? Well, we believe property is personal. So you can expect a personal service, where we’ll understand your needs, goals and ambitions, and create a tailored ownership plan that’ll set you on your way to achieving them.

Choose from purchasing an existing Belvoir business, or rebranding an already functioning independent business within a chosen territory. Whilst bringing the obvious advantage of adopting a ready-to-go business, these two options mean your time can be spent on honing your business craft, whilst having the reassurance of the day-to-day being taken care of by a competent and experienced team.

You’ll also benefit from access to our network of experts and central support team who’ll be on hand with all aspects of franchise life, including IT, recruitment, marketing and auditing, along with training and development opportunities to expand your knowledge.

If you’re excited for the challenge, a rewarding and successful future is ready for you.