Min. Investment Level: £380k

Black Sheep Coffee

Started in 2013, university flat mates Eirik and Gabriel decided to #LEAVETHEHERDBEHIND, and embark on an exciting coffee adventure. Black Sheep Coffee’s mission is to challenge the establishment, take down the big corporate brands and rid the world of boring, average tasting coffee.

Black Sheep Coffee are the only retail coffee company in the world to serve 100% specialty grade Robusta coffee, and the only specialty coffee business in the UK to have it as a specialty house bean.

They buy their coffee directly from the plantations ensuring the picking, drying and washing process adheres to the strictest of guidelines for a sustainable model that protects the environment and everyone involved.

Recent winners of an award for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Black Sheep Coffee takes their commitment to the local community seriously and are proud to champion this.

As a franchised model, Black Sheep Coffee follows the same rebellious streak as its parent, providing franchisees with their own opportunity to rid the world of average tasting coffee, challenge the establishment and take down the big corporate brands.