Telephone: 07546 688835
Min. Investment Level: £150,000

Chicken Cottage

Chicken Cottage has been smashing the chicken game since 1994, being the first all-halal, grilled and fried chicken chain operator, born in the UK. The franchise model calls for experienced hospitality professionals and investors with either a background in QSR franchising or strong business acumen to come forward and explore this incredible opportunity. 

Their franchising program equips the network with all the training, tools, support, and tech needed to run a successful and sustainable business in today’s economy. The fee structure is competitive, the menu offer’s products in growing demand and their expansion is only at its beginning. 

Why Chicken Cottage?

Market Growth: The take-out chicken industry has been experiencing robust growth, with a projected market value of $10.52 billion USD by 2032, forecasting a consistent annual growth rate of 5.50%, from 2023 to 2032. This robust growth reflects an increasing demand for chicken-based products and variety in consumer choices.

Consumer Appetite: Presenting an all-halal menu featuring grilled chicken, fried chicken, burgers, wraps and sides, it resonates with a growing segment of consumers seeking comfort and variety, at an affordable price point. 

Industry Evolution: The fast-food chicken sector and demand for halal products have both exhibited remarkable growth and is showing no signs of slowing down. This is being driven by the modern consumer’s need for convenience as well as the growing Muslim community globally. By embracing innovative technologies such as kiosk ordering, digital payments, and delivery services, Chicken Cottage will continue to embrace the demands of customers and therefore expand its footprint.