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easyStorage was the brainchild of Tim Slesinger who felt there must be a way to disrupt the market by introducing a more convenient, lower cost option to customers. The solution was simple, take the storage ‘room’ to the customer rather than the customer needing to arrange to get their stuff to a storage facility. By storing in traditional warehouses without the need for access corridors, lifts and mezzanines more of the space can be used for storage increasing efficiency and reducing costs by up to 60% whilst providing a more convenient service. Customers can still access their items at the facility if needed. When they are ready to have their items back, easyStorage will return to any address in the UK. Like collection, the transport is free, but charges apply if being returned outside of the area. 

The franchise has been designed to be a relatively low cost of entry with no need for franchisees to have their own warehouse initially. easyStorage provide the storage facilities. It’s all about building scale and the recurring monthly revenue that make this an extremely attractive business. Our investment in technology, franchise support infrastructure along with a well-known and trusted brand such as ‘easy’ means that a franchise launches from a position of strength.