Telephone: 07480 048507
Min. Investment Level: £19,000

Fantastic Services

Today, Fantastic Services is still looking to join forces with more aspiring entrepreneurs so they can serve customers in more locations throughout Europe, Australia and the United States. Accordingly, they’re offering remarkable franchise opportunities that will allow you to learn and then mimic the innovative techniques and comprehensive customer care that have become synonymous with the brand.
With over 100 standardised services and a proven business model to rely on, all you will need to do is motivate your team to create a one-of-a-kind experience, and you will easily achieve the success you desire.

The company supports three franchise options:

  • Master franchise: You now have the opportunity to bring the Fantastic brand to a whole new country or bigger territory, all while the head office team guides you through the road to success.
  • Area development franchise: You own the rights for an exclusive territory where your teams can provide the service(s) you choose. The head office team provides you with full support, training and guidance along the way.
  • Working franchise: Manage a small team and deliver services within a certain area. It provides your small business with full support by handling everything from marketing and SEO to customer service and even accounting.

With full training and extensive marketing support, it will help you build a domestic services business that you can be proud of. Fantastic Services will give you all the tools and support you will need to rapidly become the first choice in your area.