Kitchen Makeovers
Min. Investment Level: £12,500

Kitchen Makeovers

Founded in 2018, Kitchen Makeovers has fast become a leading light within the home renovation industry. With so much impacting the viability of developing home renovation brands today, championing sustainability has never been more important in our sector. Kitchen Makeovers is now recognised as the go-to brand for reinvigorating tired, existing kitchen units into modern, sleek and stylish spaces. Kitchen Makeovers franchisees share our passion for addressing the need for providing an efficient and cost-effective service; they are personable, strong and respectable voices in a saturated industry. 

Importantly, cost-effectiveness and sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing profitability. Our franchisees are able to fully operate from home, significantly reducing overheads while eliminating the carbon footprints of our franchisees almost completely with no unnecessary energy usage in outdated physical showroom environments. 

How we’ve given the franchise experience a kitchen ‘makeover’:

  • Unlimited access to the industry’s best tradespeople to seamlessly deliver your promised service
  • Enjoy benefitting from a 5-star nationwide reputation 
  • Source UK based, sustainable materials to renovate existing kitchen units as opposed to ripping out fitting and starting from scratch – eliminating waste, cost and time
  • Run an average 30% profit margin vs. the average 15% across other brands
  • Become part of a culture that lives and breathes collaboration and support 

“The support is phenomenal – I always get an answer to any question I have and I feel well protected knowing I have a supportive team behind me as I develop both professionally and personally.”
Stefan Gojda, franchisee of Kitchen Makeovers Staines