Laser Clinics UK

With more than 200 clinics across 5 countries, Laser Clinics is the largest Cosmetic aesthetics company in the world. Here in the UK the estate consists of 48 clinics so far, with the 50th opening at the start of 2023, with plans to grow further in the next 3 to 5 years.

To continue accelerating the growth of the business, the Laser Clinic’s franchise model relies on building relationships with highly motivated franchisees who feel supported by Laser Clinics. It has a Head office in London with an experienced team to give day to day support to its UK franchisees Laser Clinics works closely with their franchisees and offer a unique franchise model with 50/50 ownership, meaning they invest the same amount and split the profits equally. This support also goes beyond just financial investment, as franchisees have extensive resources at their fingertips

Together, Laser Clinics and the franchisees drive amazing results and keep Laser Clinics as the industry leader, maintaining excellent client loyalty.

Laser Clinics work with franchisees who are passionate, dedicated, positive leaders who dream of managing a team of therapists who share their drive to offer the best service, client experience and treatments in a state-of-the-art clinic. 

Our successful franchisees typically have previously owned or run a business, understand people management and recruitment, are able to drive sales and performance management, and have beauty industry experience. Whilst beauty industry experience isn’t essential, having a passion for beauty is, along with a liquid capital of at least £130k to invest.