Telephone: 0845 872 4699
Min. Investment Level: £100,000


Puccino’s stand out as an exceptional coffee shop franchise, renowned for their excellent coffee and seamless infusion of dry humour across every aspect of the brand. Puccino’s marketing campaigns and playful product packaging expertly incorporate this distinctive humour, setting Puccino’s apart from its competitors. From clever messaging to charming cup designs and sugar sachets, Puccino’s consistently delights consumers, reinforcing its status as a leading coffee franchise.

Since their establishment in 1995, Puccino’s has flourished with 38 stores predominantly located in the South-East of England, garnering an excellent reputation within the franchising industry in the process. The brand is widely recognized for its small footprint takeaway kiosks primarily positioned within the railway network, a winning strategy that has driven their success for over two decades. Puccino’s ambitious plan to expand to 125 stores within the next 5 years includes a strong focus on growing their presence in railways whilst venturing into the leisure sector.

As a subsidiary of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group (MZBG), Puccino’s benefits from leveraging MZBG’s expansive global network and resources. With MZBG’s operations extending across 110+ countries and with ownership of renowned brands like ‘Segafredo’, Puccino’s stands backed by unparallel infrastructure and resources. This, combined with Puccino’s extensive franchising experience, positions them perfectly to support their Franchise Partners in maximizing their success.

Puccino’s offers franchise partners a comprehensive induction program, encompassing turnkey store opening, training for partners and their teams, and seamless integration into their franchise network. Each franchise partner is assigned a dedicated operations manager, ensuring continuous assistance and adept troubleshooting at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Beyond operational support, Puccino’s actively involve their franchise partners in business reviews, financial strategy planning, and more. This makes Puccino’s an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a supportive and collaborative venture within the thriving coffee franchise industry.