Telephone: 0208 1333 525
Min. Investment Level: £38,000

Tutor Doctor

If you’re a motivated, people-orientated individual who wants more flexibility and the ability to control of your income, Tutor Doctor want to talk to you. Add to the mix the passion for making a difference in your customers’ lives and building a great business, and you could be the perfect Tutor Doctor franchisee. 

Tutor Doctor franchisees come from all walks of life and aren’t all ex-teachers as you might think. In fact, 80% of the current UK network don’t come from an education background at all. No matter your experience, Tutor Doctor is dedicated to going above and beyond to help you succeed. The global tutoring brand has even won awards for the way in which it trains and supports franchisees, not just as new recruits but for the life of their businesses. 

Why you should get involved

  • Low start-up cost 
  • Minimal overhead – you can work from home
  • Ability to generate income in 60 days 
  • Unparalleled training, tools, systems and support
  • Excellent earnings potential
  • Provide a rewarding service to your community

Tutor Doctor requires no significant capital outlay, business premises, major inventory or equipment and, what’s more, franchisees benefit from multiple revenue streams. The industry has been tested this year but, true to form, it demonstrated its resilience through the most challenging of times. Parents have also highlighted how willing they are to prioritise their children’s education in order to help them to achieve their potential. 

What this does is create a great opportunity to build a business with real longevity – would you like to get involved?