Visiting Angels
Telephone: 0114 433 3000
Min. Investment Level: £29,995

Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels is changing the landscape of the homecare industry by making caregivers the priority. In today’s business world, they stand out for valuing people. Started in the US in 1998, Visiting Angels is now one of the world’s biggest Home Care Franchise . In the UK, they started in 2017 and quickly became the Fastest Growing Homecare Franchise, with 60 franchises in just over 5 years.

What makes Visiting Angels different? They believe caregivers are the heart of the business. This belief is reshaping the way care is given in the UK, making it more consistent for clients and rewarding for the business owners.

Visiting Angels assists franchisees in to set up and run a successful business, assisting in tasks like  recruiting the right individuals to handling marketing, regulations, and finances. Their focus is on fostering owner growth and building a positive community.

Their approach has led to an amazing 88% of caregivers staying with them, way better than the industry average of 40%. This solves a big problem in the care industry – finding and keeping good caregivers. With a stable team, they can provide better, more reliable care for their clients, shown in their top-notch care packages.

Visiting Angels doesn’t just care about business; they’re changing how we see care. Awards like Social Impact Franchisee of the Year and Disruptive Franchisor of the Year in 2023 show their commitment. Visiting Angels isn’t just a business; it’s a movement shaping the future of care.