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Min. Investment Level: £12,995

We Love Pets

We Love Pets, a trailblazer in the pet care franchise sector with over 113 franchisees, is reshaping the industry with its ethical and innovative practices. The company’s collaboration with the British Franchise Association to form an All-Party Parliamentary Group for Franchising, led by founder Jo White, is enhancing the status of ethical franchising in legislative circles. Additionally, its significant role in establishing the Pet Care Franchise Association (PCFA) has been pivotal in setting health and welfare standards in the Canine and Feline Sector Group (CSFG).

Central to We Love Pets’ ethos is a robust family culture, fostering a sense of community and support amongst its members. This approach is mirrored in their charity foundation’s nationwide educational programmes on animal care.

In its commitment to ethical business, We Love Pets is undergoing accreditation with the Good Shopping Guide, reinforcing its dedication to sustainable and responsible practices. The franchise also values continuous learning, partnering with Novabright.io to offer comprehensive training, ensuring their teams lead in industry standards.

Technological innovation is another cornerstone of their strategy, exemplified by We Love Pets Connect, an AI-powered platform designed to streamline operations and enhance customer experience.

With a focus on global expansion, We Love Pets is fostering a culture of teamwork and personal growth, making it a prime candidate for recognition in business excellence and visionary leadership in the pet care industry.