‘No more nine-to-five for me’

Clare Gregg explains to Elite Franchise why she decided to join Sparkle Cleaning's UK network.

‘No more nine-to-five for me’

Clare Gregg explains to Elite Franchise why she decided to join Sparkle Cleaning‘s UK network.

One new recruit to the Bristol-based franchise Sparkle Cleaning has admitted that joining this expanding network was the best decision she had ever made. Clare Gregg said there are many advantages to becoming your own boss, and probably the greatest benefit of all is that she can now arrange her working life around her family.

“I chose to partner with Sparkle Cleaning because I wanted more than just a nine-to-five job. I wanted to wake up in the morning and be excited for the day ahead. Sparkle and their reputation intrigued me and made me realise I could become so much more than just a manager, which had been my previous role at another company,” stressed Clare.

She added: “I could become a business owner and take pride in everything I do. The biggest change is that it has allowed me more time to spend with my family, as I am not tied down to a regular office job anymore. I have the freedom to enjoy the important moments with my family. It’s been the best decision I have ever made.”

Sparkle Cleaning is a commercial cleaning franchise network which delivers professional services to a range of clients and customers. They are experts in keeping office space and industrial units clean, healthy and safe, while working across a number of sectors, including hospitality, corporate and education. 

But the freedom to plan her own business and private life is not the only benefit to signing-up with Sparkle Cleaning, said Clare. She continued: “Another significant change has been within me as a person. I have come to realise that I am capable of so much more than I ever realised. I have built a successful business in less than 90 days. And that is something I am extremely proud of.”

Clare explained that the entire process of training and on-going support has helped her to settle into her new role as a business owner: “I have had support every step of the way. During my first week, I was trained on all the Sparkle systems. I’ve spoken to, and been assisted by, many existing franchisees since I first began training for this role.

“There are daily catch-up calls, as well as weekly coaching calls, from head office, and if I have a problem or a concern I simply speak to a team member in Bristol. I couldn’t ask for a better support network. They help you with targets and we often come together as a team to bounce ideas off each other.”

Sparkle Cleaning offer a number of different franchise options. These range from a single territory, to larger operations such as a ‘master franchise’ and ‘associate franchise.’

With a ‘master franchise’ you purchase an area of the UK with multiple territories within it. You would then be permitted to resell any of these territories to another business partner. An ‘associate franchise’ is designed for companies that are already operating within the cleaning sector and could be rebranded as a Sparkle Cleaning franchise.

This article comes courtesy from Sparkle Cleaning. Find out what to expect from a Sparkle Cleaning franchise, as well as more information on the training, funding, marketing and support available to our franchisees.

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