Partners in success

Pet ownership has reached record levels post-pandemic, with an estimated 52% of UK adults now owning a pet in 2022

Partners in success

Pet ownership has reached record levels post-pandemic, with an estimated 52% of UK adults now owning a pet in 2022, already a 3% increase on last year1. This rapid increase has subsequently seen soaring demand for our pet services, creating exciting opportunities for prospective franchisees. Petpals is the UK’s leading multi-service pet-care franchise, caring for the nation’s pets for over two decades. During this time, our brand has supported franchisees from all walks of life to realise their dreams of business ownership. This month sees us continue as the UK’s leading pet-care provider, expanding with husband-and-wife team, Sue and Jon Vinsome, launching Petpals Chichester. Their mission is to respond to the growing demand for exceptional pet care for Chichester’s much-loved pets – with an interesting backstory to boot.

Real-life partners turned business partners

Petpals has welcomed pets and their owners to our community from over 150 locations across the UK, as franchisees have seized the opportunity to keep up with the demand for pet services. During the pandemic, a staggering 3.2 million households welcomed a new pet into their homes2. As the long-term responsibilities of bringing a pet into your life have become increasingly evident for new pet owners, it stands to reason that trusted pet care must reach areas in the country previously untouched.

In August, we welcomed Sue and Jon to our growing network – our newest franchisees to take on this mission, who are not only Chichester’s latest business partners but also happen to be husband and wife. The couple saw Sue’s brother find success with his own Petpals location and decided to follow in his footsteps, taking advantage of the lucrative pet-care industry whilst also providing quality pet services to their local community. 

Supporting new franchisees

The launch of Petpals Chichester served as a reminder that our expertise and knowledge as a franchisor and industry player are fundamental to helping our franchisees succeed. The support you offer franchisees in the launch of their business and throughout the rest of their journey is the key to ensuring they are capable of reaching their potential and laying solid foundations on which they can build their business. Training our franchisees isn’t for their benefit alone, as the more successful they are, the more franchisees we will attract, the wider the brand will be seen as a household name and the long-term success of the franchise will be secured.

We believe it is a privilege to look after someone’s pet, so we understand that the training we offer our franchisees is the core building block for getting the most out of their business whilst also protecting our core values. Sue took part in our pet first aid training to ensure she can provide the best possible care to the pets of Chichester. Whilst Jon, who provides office support from home, received our industry-leading support for operational excellence and consistency of excellent customer service levels.

Bouncing back

In other news, Sharren Redmond – our franchisee in Sefton – has received a national award recognising the success of her Petpals business at the Great British Franchisee Awards. After being made redundant in 2018, Sharren’s passion for pet care turned her sights to becoming a franchisee at Petpals. Sharren’s resilience against adversity and determination to build a successful and profitable business is inspiring and an example of how franchising during turbulent economic times can be a profitable and rewarding direction.

During times of economic crisis, franchising has proven to be resilient as a business model. The shrinking economy will inevitably lead to redundancies and a surge in individuals seeking new career possibilities. It’s well-established franchise brands like ours that give people the chance to become their own boss without them feeling the isolation of an independent business owner.

In the competitive world of franchising, recognising and maintaining the success of established franchisees is paramount. A successful franchise is nothing without its team of diverse franchisees – their continuing development should remain a priority and their achievements should never be overlooked. I’m proud to celebrate the collective successes of our growing Petpals network. From Chichester to Sefton and everywhere in between, our franchisees have proven how hard work and determination truly pay off.

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Kevin Thackrah
Kevin Thackrah